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IPC Final Exam

Final Exam Review

Explain Acceleration as you go up a hill and then down on the other side? Uphill is negative acceleration (slowing down), down hill is positive acceleration
A cross country runner runs 10 km in 40 minutes . What formula do you use to solve this problem? S = D/T
A high speed train travels with an average speed of 227 km/h. The train travels for 2 h. How far does the train travel d=454
What is the acceleration of a car that goes from 32 m/s to 96 m/s in 8.0 s. What formula do you use to solve this problem? a= Vt - Vi/ T
A Car has an acceleration of -5 m/s2. Describe the car's motion. Braking/slowing down
According to the graph above, what was the bicycle's acceleration between 6 and 10 seconds? -a=0 or No acceleration - Constant speed - Cyclist is still moving
The relationship among mass, force, and acceleration is explained by Newton's 1st Law or Law of Inertia - "Table Clock Trick"
A 300-N force acts on a 25 kg object. The acceleration of the object is F= MxA or Newton's 2nd Law 300n=25Kg xa a= 12 m/s2
A material that reduces the flow of heat by conduction, convection, and radiation is Insulator
Which of the following would be the best insulator? Air
If particles move more ______________ the object temperature falls? Slowly
In a step-up transformer, the number of turns of wire is greater in which coil? Secondary
In a step up transformer the __________voltage exceeds what the input voltage Output
The magnetic force of a magnet is strongest at the Poles
A dry-cell battery produces a direct current
In the United States, power lines can carry power voltages as high as 750,00 V, a __________________ transformer reduces the voltage to 120 V for home user. Step down
A transformer that increases voltage is a ____________________ transformer Step up
The guages on the dashboard of a car are Galvanometers
What are aligned to a magnet according to the magnetic fields Atoms
What is the induction is the process of producing an electric current by moving a loop of wire through a magnetic field Electromagnetic
The current that flows in an electric circuit carries what type of energy Electrical
The function of a generator is to change mechanical energy to what type of energy Electrical Energy
The function of an electric motor is to change electrical energy to Mechanical Energy
A simple transformer consist of two coils of wire called what type of coils? Primary and Secondary
A switch that reverses the direction of the current in a motor is a Commutator
A device that uses an electromagnet to measure electric current is a galvanometer
Objects that keep their magnetic properties for a long time are called what type of magnet Permanent
The region around a magnet where the magnetic forces act is the Magnetic field
Current that reverses direction in a regular pattern is called Alternating current
The location of the strongest magnetic forces is the magnetic Poles
Current that does NOT reverse direction is called direct current
A device that increases or decreases voltage in a power line is a Transformer
Paper clips and other object that contain iron can become Temporary magnets
Before alternating current from a power plant can enter a home, its voltage must be Transformed/Decreased
Moving a wire through a magnetic field creates an ______________________ in the wire Electrical Current
An electric motor is used to change electrical energy into what type of energy? Mechanical
The Strength of an electromagnet can be increased by __________ the number of turns on the wire coil. More
When you bring the south ends of two magnets close together , they do what to each other? Repel
What is a fuse ? contains a piece of metal that metal if the current become too high
What is a circuit breaker? contains a piece of metal that bends when it get hot
What is a Insulator? does not allow electrons to move through it easily
What is a Conductor? allow electrons to move through it easily
What is a Non Renewable Energy? Fossil Fuels
What is Sound Energy? associated with vibration of matter
What is Nuclear Energy? is from nucleus of atom
What is Radiant Energy? made up of waves called electromagnetic wave
What is Heat Energy? results from the movement of particle and also produces light in some instances
What is Electrical? is when an electrical current flows
What Mechanical ? is the energy of moving object
What is Chemical? energy produced during a chemical reaction
What is Radiation? is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particle through space or through a material medium
What is Convection? Movement of heat by current in fluids
What is Conduction? Movement of heat or electricity by direct Contact
Magic tablecloth trick is an example of which Newton's Law? Newton's 1st Law
As the mass of a raccar increases , its forces increases is an example of which Newton's Law? Newton's 2nd Law
Seatbelts and airbags is an exmaple of which Newton's Law? Newton's 1st Law
Balloon Rocket is an example of which Newton's Law? Newton's 3rd Law
Book sitting on a table is an example of what type of friction? Static
Toy care on a race track is an example of what type of friction? Rolling
Pushing box up a ramp is an example of what type of friction? Sliding
Flying Airplanes is an example of what type of friction? Fluid
Turning a wrench is an example of what type of Force? Push and Pull
Kicking a ball is an example of what type of Force? Push
Swinging in a swing is an example of what type of Force? Push and Pull
Hauling object in a wagon is an example of what type of Force? Pull
Wind blowing a ballon is an example of what type of Force? Push
What is the formula for Force? W= f x d
What is the formula for Momentum? p=m x v
Eyeglasses, binoculars and cameras takes advantage of the principles of Refraction
What occurs when a wave strikes an object and bounces off. Reflection
Do Florescent light bulbs use less or more energy than incandescent lights? Omit Less
What color is produced by blending the three primary pigments? Omit Black
What type of electromagnetic waves does your body need to make vitamin D? Omit UV light
What type of waves are Electromagnetic waves? Transverse
What type of current do electrical wall outlets provide? Alternating Current (AC)
What type of current does dry- cell battery produce? Direct Current (DC)
Electric charge that has accumulated on an object is referred to as? Static Electricity
The statement that current is equal to the voltage difference divided by the resistance is known as Ohm's Law
One reason alternative energy sources are needed is because of renewable resources
Petroleum, natural gas, and coal are the three kinds of ? Fossil Fuels: Non Renewable
Which of the following energy conversions describes a radio playing music ? Electrical ..... Mechanical
Which of the following energy conversions describes a person eating food? Mechanical ...... Chemical
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