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Chapter 10

MGMT 102

Nonverbal communication includes written messages. true
Statistics show 93 percent of a message comes from nonverbal communication. . true
When nonverbal signals contradict verbal ones, the verbal ones are usually the ones to trust. false
One color can send the same nonlinguistic message worldwide. false
Nonverbals enhance communication by combating the effects of noise. true
Gestures and posture are both examples of movement. true
Kinesic refers to the space around us and how we and others relate to it. False
People cooperating on a task compensate for the invasion of their personal tasks by not making eye contact. True
Dress is an integral part of the first impression we form on meeting another and is often the key to initial credibility. True
Managers do not believe that casual dress affects the quality of work. False
In business, speaking in a clear, firm, low-pitched voice connotes confidence and results in more attentive listening. True
Leakage occurs when contradictory nonverbal signals betray deception. True
The most common deception-related gesture is the hand-shrug emblem. false
Smoothing the tie indicates a deceptive answer. True
An attempted change of personal space is a deception cue. True
Deceptive answers are likely to be longer and less specific than honest ones. False
Faking” body language associated with dominance can improve a person’s self-image. True
Personal possessions in the office, but not the location of the office, create perceptions. False
If a speaker takes longer than usual to begin answering a question, he/she is probably lying. True
Words represent ____ percent of the impact of an oral face-to-face message. 7
Which of the following is not a function recognized by Burbinster for nonverbal communication? directing
Nonverbal signals that occur during conversations to signal to a partner to slow, stop and even “wait your turn” and lets the other person know when you’re ready to listen is known as regulating
The study of body language or movement is known as kinesics
Gestures include which of the following? emblems
Which of the following complement communication by providing an example of or reinforcing what is being said? illustrators
Twisting a paper clip during a stressful conversation is what kind of kinesic message? adapter
Which movement has been shown to positively influence the flow of conversation? mimicry
Which of the following refers to the space around us and how we and others relate to it? proxemics
Nonverbal aspects of vocal delivery include A. pitch B. tone C. onset D. all choices are correct
mall talk is valuable because A. it provides a baseline of nonverbal cues B. it puts the other at ease C. leakage is easily detected D. both a and b are correct
Which of the following is not a deception-related gesture? folding hands
Signals of deception include which of the following? dress
Which is a personal space deception cue signal blunders
Which is not a voice deception? A. pitch B. tone C. volume D. none of the choices are correct
36. Personal effects in the office can be A. identity claims B. strategic C. deceptive D. all are correct choices
Deception is not shown in which of the following? empathic listening
Displayed in an office, which of the following is an artifact that can manipulate an intended A. religious symbols B. family photos C. awards D. all are correct choices
A term that refers to “everything except the words” in a communication event is nonverbal
Which type of gesture has one meaning that everyone agrees on? emblems
When nonverbal signals contradict verbal ones, which are the ones to trust? nonverbal
Which nonverbal function is accomplished when a handshake accompanies a greeting? complement
Which spatial zone is the one in which most daily business is conducted in the United States? social
According to MIT researchers, when coworkers with similar proximity, body language, and vocal styles communicate, shared information is more accurate
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