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Sociology Final

Terms from Exam 3

Second shift Maintaining the household including housework in addition to a job outside the home
Sex Term sociologists use to describe the biological differences between males and females
The Feminine Mystique Instrumental force in second wave of feminism in 1960s&70s, Betty Fridan's book. argued that women were cut off from the public sphere&lacked material, social,cultural resources. Served to fight the assumption that a women's place was private sphere home.
Gender policing The clip that we watched in class from the show Friends that demonstrated how Ross sought to sanction "Manny the Nanny" for his violation of gender rules. Ross exhibited......
Agentic Men tend to be more of this based on terms of their gender role. This means that they are supposed to be self-assured, independent, and in control.
Heteronormativity The book by C.J. Pascoe entitled Dude You're a Fag, set out to understand how this is reinforced by high school boys through name-calling and the creation of stigma
Birth control pill A significant development in the history of human sexuality, the textbook points to the invention and use of this isn 1960 as a major spark for the sexual revolution.
96;94 According to the Nation Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), which asks the question "Do you think of yourself as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or something else?" This percentage of men and women identify themselves as heterosexual.
Transgender Term for those who appear to be biologically one sex but who identify with the gender of another.
First Wave of Feminist Movement Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and the fight for legal and political equality were associated with this movement.
Sexual orientation Term that describes the categories of people to whom we are sexually attracted \
What do groups such as bedraches, hijas, and sanity, reveal about the nature of sex and gender? The number of sex and gender categories vary across cultures
Nurturing-caring; traditional role; effeminate-gay role The textbook describes the idea of multiple masculinities, meaning that men play a wide range of gender roles. (Stay-at-home role not included)
New York U.S. city with the higher totally number of Hispanics living there (not by percent population, but total number)
Privilege Term Peggy Macintosh uses to describe the unearned advantages that those in the majority take for granted
What is the larges overall minority group in the United States? Hispanics/Latinos
Contact hypothesis In cooperative circumstances, interracial contact between people of equal status will cause them to become less prejudiced and abandon old stereotypes.
Tiger Woods For those that consider themselves multiracial, racial categorization can be very limiting. Famous athlete create a racial category to refer to himself as "Cablinasian".
Racial formation The social construction of race can be understood through Omi and Winant's concept of this. It describes the social, political, and economic forces that create, inhibit, transform, and destroy racial categories.
Harvard Project on School Desegregation Revealed that resegregation of the races is increasing
De facto Segregation that results from housing patterns, economic patterns, and gerrymandered school districts.
Scapegoating Sometimes, aggression cannot be directed at the real source of frustration but is redirected toward a similar but safer and more convent target.
Latent bigotry Example: an employer with substantial federal contracts hold negative attitudes towards members of a particular group and doesn't wish to hire them. However, in fear of losing these contracts, the employer gives all applicants fair consideration.
Prejudice is an attitude as discrimination is to Behavior
Switzerland An example of a modern pluralistic state in which the absence of a national language and dominant religious faith leader to tolerance of diversity.
13th, 14th, 15th The constitutional bases for racial equality in the U.S. were laid by these Amendments to the Constitution.
Minorities Categories of people who do not receive the same treatment as other categories in the same society
Basic characteristics of a racial or ethnic minority group -The group is subordinate to others in society. -Members of the group have socially visible physical or cultural traits singled out by the dominant group. -Members of the group develop a sense of group consciousness or "we-feeling"
Subordinate status Principal characteristic of a minority group
Benevolent Sexism Term for a chivalrous attitude toward women that inadvertently casts women as weak creatures needing men's protection.
Hostile Sexism An antagonistic attitude toward women, who are often viewed as trying to control men through feminist ideology or sexual seduction
How many sexes do we have? According to the work of Fausto-Sterling, we have at least 5 sexes.
Institutional discrimination A pattern of treatment that systematically denies a group access to resources and opportunities as a part of society's normal operations.
Five most segregated U.S. metropolitan areas Milwaukee, WI; New York City, NY; Chicago IL; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH
Los Angeles The first of the major urban riots of the 1960s occurred in a region called Watts, which was the mostly black section of this town.
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