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Sentenial Logic

ECU PHIL 1500 Intro to logic

Compound sentences when one sentence is a component of another sentence if, whenever the first sentence is replaced by any other declarative sentence it results in a new gramatically correct sentence
John and Mary like cats compound
The exam is cancelled simple
Harry thinks the earth is flat compound
Carl is going to work simple
Carl is going to work and Gale is going to work compound
Sentential Operators joins together two complete sentences into another sentence
one-place sentenial operator "it is not true that__"
two-place sentenial operator "__and__"
Conjuntion AND
Disjuntion OR
Condiitonal IF-THEN
Biconditional IF-AND-ONLY-IF
Negation NOT
What is the major operator in a sentence? The operator added last in the logical construnction of the sentence is the major operator
How is AND symbolized? "."
How is OR symbolized? "v"
How is IF-THEN symbolized? horseshoe
How is IF-AND-ONLY-IF symbolized? "≡"
How is NOT symbolized? ͊
(C∙B) Cheney is Vice President and Bush is President
(GvB) Gore or Bush is VP
Lieterman is president if and only if Gore is president (L≡G)
If Cheney is vice president then Bush is President (C"horseshoe"B)
͊(G∙B) Not both Gore and Bush are president
Both Dale and Erik are Chemistry majors (D.E)
How is a Disjunction expressed? "or", "either__or__"
What do prefixes like un, in, and non convey? Negation
Kyle is definately unqualified ͊K
If Vince drove then Willa read, and she read only if he drove (V≡W)
What are the synonyms for IF used in a conditional? when, since, and provided that
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