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Globalization voc.

abroad in a foreign country
border to exist on the edge of a boundary.
export good or service traded to another area
free trade international exchange of goods and services without taxes or other fees
globalization international exchange of goods and services without taxes or other fees
import to bring in a good or service from another area to trade
migrant person who regularly moves from place to place, usually in search of work
popular culture goods, services, ideas, and patterns of their use in a population
port a harbor
raw material matter that needs to be processed into a product to use or sell
standard of living amount of goods and services a person in a specific community or geographic area is able to afford
tariff tax imposed on imports and exports
trade buying, selling or exchanging goods or services
negotiation talk it over with the person/country and try to compromise
mediation Find someone who can help the two of you solve the problem
treaty deal or agreement
sanctions cut off trade, diplomacy, or aid to a country
foreign policy A country’s strategy for dealing with other countries
policy a plan that includes an overall goal and the kinds of actions that are okay to take in order to achieve the goal.
national interest the things that a country believes is best for them
internationalism when a country chooses to get involved in another countries problems
isolationism when a country focuses on its own problems and stays out of other countries’ problems
conflict when you disagree or quarrel with someone
cooperation when you agree or work with someone
international conflict when countries disagree
international cooperation when countries have something to gain by working together to solve problems
organizations groups of people, businesses, or governments, work together
international organizations governments or people from different countries working together to solve an issue that crosses country borders
intergovernmental organizations organizations that are formed between governments
Nongovernmental organizations groups that work to solve problems around the world but are not connected to any government
Created by: Shepard Sargent



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