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Unit 8 S.S.

Unit 8 Study Guide

India is the world's top producer of ___. rice
The soul is reborn in a process called _______. reincarnation
Indoa was led to a nonviolent movement to freedom from Britain by _____ _____. Mohandes Ghandi
The 1st prome minister of India was _______ _____. Jawaharal Nehru
In South Asia, about __ percent of the people live in rural villages. 70
The countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh are largely _____ followers. Muslim
Violent conflicts in 1971 led to East Pakistan becoming a new country called _______. Bangladesh
The duspute over ___________ has sparked 3 wars between Pakistan and ____. Kashimer, India
The best known pass through the Hindu Kush is the _____ ____. Khyber Pass
A major river system through the plains of Pakistan is the _____ _____. Indus River
The two major rivers through Bangladesh are the __________ and the ______. Brahmautra, Ganges
Monsoons in Bangladesh cause ______ and thousands of _____. floods, deaths
The country of ______ has the world's highest mountain, __ ______. Nepal, Mt. Everest
Bhutan was once called _____ ___ ____ because of its isolations and its ________ religion. Hidden Holy Land, Buddhist
The island country of ___ _____ is famous for its sapphires, ______, and other gemstones. Sri Lanka, rubies
The largest industry in the Maldives is ______. tourism
Wild pandas make their home on the easter edge of the _______ of _____. Plateau of Tibet
CHina is officially called the ______ _______ of _____. People's Replubic of China
The Chinese call the _____ _____, "China's Sorrow" because of its ______. Yellow River, floods
The # one cause of death in China is ____ ______. lung disease
The city of _____ ____ was once controlled by the U.K. Hong Kong
Portugal once controlled _____. Macau
China's pledge of "___ _____ ___ _____" refers to capitalism existing sid eby side w/ ________. one-country, two-systems, communism
About __% of China's people belong to the ___ ethnic group. 92, Han
The Chinese built the _____ ____ of _____ to defind CHina from incaders to the _____. Great Wall of China, north
The teachings of ________, or Confucius shaped China's government and society until the early ____s. Kongfuzi, 1900s
The beliefs of _____ attracted artists and writers. Laozi
The Nationalists were led by General ______ ________ Chiang Kai-Shek.
The Communists were led by ___ _______. Mao Zedong
In ____, new Communist leader ___ _______ wanted ot make China an open country. 1949, Mao Zedong
In 1989, students and workers called for ___________ and demanded political _______ by gathering in _________________ _____ in Beijing and protesting. demmocracy, reforms, Tianamen Square
Many Chinese paintings include a ____ written in _________. poem, calligraphy
About 100 miles off the coast of China lies the island of ______, a country that is known as a province of China. Taiwan
Taiwan has many electric companies where its wealth is from ___________________ industries. high-technology
In the ____s, many groups of Monglos joined together under the leadership of _______ ____. 1200s, Genghis Khan
In ____, Mongolia gained independence and created _________ under the guidance of the SOviet Union. 1924, communism
In ____, Mongolia became a democracy. 1990
Japan lies on the ____ of ____ so it experiences thousands of ________ each year. Ring of Fire, earthquakes
Janpan's highest mountain is _____ ____, which is a national symbol for Japan. Mount Fuji.
Japan has few ______ ________ so it must import ___ materials. mineral recources, raw
Because of the mountains, _______ is very limited in Japan. farming
Japan modeled its society on the ______ way of life. Chinese
From the ____s to the ____s Japan was ruled by ______. 1100s to the 1860s, samurai.
In the 1930s, Japan took land _____ and _____ ____ Asia. China, South East
Many Japanese practice two religions, ______ and ________. Shinto, Buddhism
An ancient form of Japanese wrestling is ____. Sumo
Korea eventually divided along the ____ parallel. 38th
In the 1950s, the armies of North Korea attacked ____ _____. South Korea
The ______ ___ ended in 1953 without a _____ ______ or a victory for either side. Korean Was, peace treaty
The martial art of ___ ____ __ originated in Korea. tae kwon do
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