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physics tests 09

True or False: Radiographic tables are available in fixed and tilting models true
True or False: Compression bands are used to improve radiographic image quality true
True or False: The telescoping column of the overhead suspension system controls horizontal movement false: vertical movement
magnetic lines of force are referred to as.. flux lines
true or false: electromagnets are permanent magnets false
an AC generator produces a current that is expressed mathematically as a sinsusoidal wave
as the length of a conductor increases the resistance increases
as two electrical charges move farther apart, the force between them decrease... proportionally to the inverse square of their seperation
True and False: objects can be electrified by induction true
the resistance in a wire decreases as its diameter increases
when an electric current flows through a wire with resistance, energy is liberated as heat
ohms law is mathematically described as v=ir or r=v/i etc.
electic insulators inhbit movement of electical charge
a volt is a measure of potential difference
if the distance between two electrical charges is doubled, the force between them is decreased by 1/4
resistance is the opposition to the flow of electrons
if a conductor is postively charged it is deficient in electrons
the mA is a unit of current
a magnetic field is produced by electric charges in motion
a diode electron tube can be used for rectification
the process of electrons being emitted from heated metallic surfaces is called thermionic emission
a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electical energy
a simple DC generator has essentially the same construction as a AC generator except that a DC generator has a commutator
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