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BIM Final Review

BIM Final

These companies are often concentrated in regions known for their high-tech industries Medial Device Industry
True or False? You don't need to make a career choice now. True
This type of testing insures that all identified user needs are met Validation
This technology utilizes functional ultrasound imagining and can determine direction of blood flow Doppler Technology
This imaging modality observes brain activity by detecting blood flow in the brain by seeing the difference between oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor blood Functional MRI
Articular cartilage is subject to this many loading cycles per year 1-2 million cycles
Immune rejection and disease transmission are limitations of what type of graft? Allographs
This type of device is often the key to function (i.e. fluoresence) Microfluidic device
This additive manufacturing technique is often used to make tissue ECM (extra cellular matrix) 3-D Printing
This is a critical component of all design activities Teamwork
The FDA regulates medical devises as those that do not function with this type of mechanism of action Chemical
Medical device companies will often seek regulatory approval in Europe through this regulatory organization. Why? ISO, International Standards Organization. Easier and faster
People from R&D, Quality, Marketing, and Regulatory (and more) come together to form this Product development "Core Team'
This device acts as a biological clock by turning the period of oscillation Oscillator
This process brings an idea from formulation to product launch Product development process
The main components of tissue engineering Cells, biomaterial, and biologically active factors
In vitro mechanical stimulation of cartilage tissue using this apparatus can lead to more native tissue-like cartilage Bioreactor
This type of testing ensures that design specifications are met Verification
This polysaccharide chain contributes to the viscosity of joint synovial fluid Hyaluronic acid (HA)
According to the NIH, this process outlines the steps necessary to produce a medical device Waterfall design process
This imaging modality creates 3D images CT scans
The inability of cartilage to heal naturally due to a lack of this Vasculature
True or False? It is important to make a product that will be used True
Parts in a device can be swapped to alter this Function
The Center for Devices and Radiological Health is part of this Federal Agency FDA, Food and Drug Administration
Synthetic polymers, naturally developed polymeric materials, and native tissue ECM can be used for these Scaffolds
The process used the generate ideas Brainstorming, ideation
This is a collection of parts that have some function Device
Articular cartilage undergoes these types of forces on a daily basis Biomechanical
The best way to communicate with this Undergraduate Advisor is via email Rosalind Christian
The number of main components in tissue engineering 3
This constitutes a single bounded element of a system or device Part
Who said that "The best design is the simplest one that works, but no simpler" Albert Einstein
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