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Rad Physics Test 1

Carlton Adler

Current is
liberated as heat
inhibit movement of electrical charge
If the distance between two electrical charges is doubled, the force between them is
Resistance is the opposition to the flow of electrons
If a conductor is positively charged is deficient in electrons
The mA is a unit of current
A magnetic field is produced by electric charges in motion
A diode electron tube can be used for rectification
The process of electrons being emitted from heated metallic surfaces is called thermionic emission
A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical
A simple DC generator has essentially the same construction as an AC generator except that a DC generator has a commutator
A rectifier converts AC to DC
A motor is a device that converts heat energy into electrical energy
A bar magnet and a wire loop move with the same linear velocity. What is the voltage induced in the wire? zero
Conventional current flows from anode to cathode
Where is the stator of the anode induction motor located outside the glass envelope and outside the rotor
The exposure shift on an x ray machine is intended to both initiate and terminate the exposure
The exposure switch is found between the autotransformer and the timer circuit
All of the following are radiographer-operated controls except generator selection
The advantage of a curved top radiograph table is the smaller object image distance
The Bucky tray consist of a moving 17X17 grid
Backup time cannot exceed the tube limit and should not be set at 150 percent of expected manual mAs
Radiographic rooms equipped with a tilting table are primarily designed for performing __ procedures diagnostic and fluroscopic
The height of the average radiographic tabletop to the floor is __ inches 40
Tube suspension systems include which of the following overhead tube suspension, mobile tube suspension system and c arm tube suspension
Which tube suspension system offers the greatest multidirectional movement? overhead tube suspension
Nearly all x ray equipment operate from an incoming line of 210v
When full wave rectification is applied to three phase current, a __ ripple is produced voltage
Ancillary equipment for tilting tables includes a footboard, handgrips, and shoulder supports
The diagnostic x ray range is qpproximately 10 to 1,200 mA, 0.001 - 10 seconds, and 25 to 150 kVp
The incoming line current is supplied to approximately 60 volts
An indicated current in a wire loop can result only from an alternately expanding and contracting magnetic field
A stator consist of electromagnets
Electric potiental is measured in volts
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