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Personality Psych 4

religion, well being ,political, and values

extrinsic religion important for meeting other goals
intrinsic genuine belief in importance of religion
personal religiosity beliefs and practices that refer to a transcendent being that is legitimized by an established tradition or group
Spirituality dimension to religion refers to transcendent being that emphasizes experience of individual and independence from established religious traditions and beliefs.
religious fundamentalism - dimension of religion strict obedience and unquestioning devotion toward rules and teachings of ones religion
religious dimension related to environmental experiences religious socialization from from family, negative life events, and self transcendent experiences.
Individual differences related to religiosity weak association that is more stable over 10 years than 50. more heritable
Right wing authoritarianism tendencies: conventionalism: adherence to norms. Authoritarian aggression: hostility toward deviant others. Authoritarian submission: obedience toward legitimate authorities.
Right wing authoritarianism association: support for harsh prison sentences, restriction of civil liberties, high levels of ethnocentrism(favoring own ethnic group over others) , negative attitudes toward homosexuals, and voting for conservative political parties: republicans.
Social Dominance orientation tendency Preference for social hierarchies, instead of equality for all groups
Social Dominance orientation associated with: lower support of government social programs, lower support of help for minorities, lower environmental protection, support for military spending, voting for conservatives.
Political attitude of RWA sees the world as a dangerous place and as if values and traditions are being threatened.
Political attitudes of SDO sees the world as a competitive place and everyone must fend for themselves.
political combination of RWA and SDO sees world as both threatening and competitive, most negative attitudes toward out groups. or can see the world as neither threatening nor competitive
What group is resistant to change and prefer order, low openness RWA
what group is linked to acceptance of inequality? (agreeableness facet) SDO
Prefers high order and low equality highest on conservative ideology
Prefer high equality and low order highest on liberal ideology
Openness to experience is related to higher political knowledge
Hedonism Well-being as pleasure and happiness
Eudaemonism Well-being as actualization of human potentials
Well being is directly related to emotions and exists when you experience frequent positive emotions and few negative emotions with an emphasis on subjective experience
Psychology's hedonic view is being able to fulfill own desires
Authentic happiness emphasis on subjective experiences , up to the individual to be happy
Eudaimonic view sees well being as an expression of virtue and doing what is worth doing. Doing something that betters you and not something that is useless to your existence
According to the hedonic view what makes a good society? Giving people freedom and allowing people to pursue their own goals freely
According to the eudaemonic view what makes a good society? A good society promotes fulfillment of fundamental needs and a emphasis on living a virtuous life.
Hedonic view of money and wellbeing if you can use money to get what you desire then you use it
Eudaemonic view of money and wellbeing money will often be used to make self feel good but not increase wellbeing, unless used to make others feel good.
Self determination theory used for Eudaemonic tradition is human beings have fundamental needs such as autonomy, competence, relatedness which are innate and universal.
Autonomy is willing endorsement of own actions
Competence is experiencing challenge and feeling of mastery
Relatedness is the need to establish stable social relationships
Intrinsic motivation willl fulfill need for autonomy and competence and will be undermined by rewards and linked to higher levels of well beings
Extrinsic motivation states behaviors are instrumental in some way
Subjective well being has 2 affective components of Amount of pleasant and unpleasant emotions
Subjective well being has 1 cognitive component life satisfaction
Hedonic view is subjective well being stating not everybody is focused on wanting to feel good
consistency of life satisfaction is related to extraversion and neuroticism
Value of power: social power, authority, wealth
value of achievement success, capability, ambition,
value of hedonism pleasure, enjoyment of life
Value of stimulation a varied life, daring, exciting
Value of self-direction independence, freedom, choosing own goals
value of universalism social/ecological concerns, equality
value of benevolence social relationships, loyalty, true friendship
value of security social order, national security, family security, saftey
value of conformity dutifulness, politeness, obedience
Two value dimensions are: Self-enhancement vs. self-transcendence and openness to change vs conservatism.
Self enhancement: wanting money , power and success
Self transcendence: caring for things outside self
openness to change: new experiences, variety
conservatism: stability, order , tradition
Created by: sstroupe