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vocab builder 19


suitable for servants; low menial
teacher mentor
concerning trade mercantile
interested in money or gain mercenary
fickle; changing mercurial
flashy; tawdry meretricious
a pastry decoration made of white of eggs meringue
high flat-topped hill mesa
pertaining to the art of removing metals from ores metallurgical
change of form metamorphosis
pertaining to speculative philosophy metaphysical
measure; distribute mete
excessively careful meticulous
large city metropolis
courage; spirit mettle
group of stables built around a courtyard mews
demeanor; bearing mien
changing its habitat; wandering migrant
wandering migratory
work against militate
affectedly dainty mincing
unreal reflection; optical illusion mirage
mischance; ill luck misadventure
one who hates mankind misanthrope
error; misunderstanding misapprehension
intermarriage between races miscegenation
mixture of writings on various subjects miscellany
ill luck mischance
wretch; villain miscreant
minor crime misdemeanor
doubts misgivings
accident mishap
wrong name; incorrect designation misnomer
hater of women misogynist
object to be thrown or projected missile
very small object or creature; small coin mite
appease mitigate
movable; not fixed mobile
prevailing style mode
limited quantity modicum
fashionable modish
toning down; changing from one key to another modulation
half; part moiety
soothe mollify
shed or cast off hair or feathers molt
melted molten
very important momentous
pertaining to money monetary
belief in one god monotheism
fits of depression or gloom moodiness
debatable moot
given to unwholesome thought; gloomy morbid
biting; sarcastic; stinging mordant
customs mores
at the point of death moribund
ill-humoured; sullen morose
undertaker mortician
humiliate; punish the flesh mortify
small speck mote
theme motif
parti-colored; mixed motley
charlatan; boastful pretender mountebank
confuse; mix up muddle
warm and damp muggy
defraud a person of something mulct
having many forms multiform
having many languages multilingual
state of being numerous multiplicity
wordly as opposed to spirirtual mundane
very generous munificent
darkness; gloom murkiness
ponder muse
having the odor of musk musky
stale; spoiled by age musty
changing in form; fickle mutable
Created by: platypusguy