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Rad Physics Test 2

Carlton Adler

Which condition is needed to produce an x ray? 1. a source of electrons 2. a vacuum 3. a large potential difference
The function of the cathode is to produce a thermionic cloud
Each of the following is a part of the cathode addembly except the stator
Each of the following is a material of choice for the filament except Copper
Filament materials are chosen for their high melting points
Which of the following would affect the production of a thermionic cloud? filament diameter, length, and temperature
A filament may break due to vaporization
Driving the thermionic cloud from the cathode to the anode requires a large potential difference
The focusing cup has a/an ____ charge negative
X ray photon production occurs at the anode
Tungsten is the metal of choice for the source of x ray photons because of its high atomic number
Pitting of the anode commonly occurs with extended use
Melting of the anode commonly occurs when the stator fails and the rotor ceases to turn
The exact point in the x ray unit where photons are created is focal spot
The physical area of the focal tract affected by the electron beam is the actual focal spot
The area of the focal spot that is projected out of the tube toward the object being radiographed is the effected focal spot
The actual focal spot is controlled by the length of the filament
The only portion of the anode assembly placed outside the vacuum of the envelope is the stator
The function of the stator and rotor assembly is to rotate the anode
The rotor is located ___ the stator and ____ the envelope inside, inside
Insulation of the high voltage components of the tube and absorption of the heat produced by x ray production is achieved through the use of dielectric oil
Fluoroscopy is a ___ radiograph examination dynamic, static, diagnostic
Fluoroscopy is commonly used for observation of the heart, GI tract, and surgical procedure
The fluoroscopic xray tube and image receptor are mounted on a C Arm
Fluoroscopic mA range is commonly ___ mA 0.5 - 5.0
During fluoroscopy, the SOD cannot be less than __ inches 20
During fluoroscopic image intensification, the primary x ray beam exits the patient and strikes the ___ of the image intensifier input screen
The input screen absorbs __ and emits __ x ray photons, light photons
The photocathode absords __ and emits __ light photons, electrons
Electrostatic lenses are used to accelerate and focus electrons
The output screen absorbs __ and emits __ electrons, light photons
The input screen is __ in shape concave
The shape of the input screen helps to control distortion
Photoemissive materials absorb __ and emit __ light photons, electrons
Electrostatic lenses are actually charge electrodes
The greater the voltage supplied to the electrostatic lenses, the __ the acceleration and the __ the focal point to the input screen greater, closer
The edge distortion problem in image intensification tubes called vignetting
The most common solution for quantum mottle is to increase the fluoro tube mA
The standard size cassette for spot filming is 9x9
Digitization of the fluoroscopic image permits storage on a CD, transfer via internet, hard copy printing via laser disc
Created by: wloucks08