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ekg stuff

Ekg lecture

SA Node Dominant pacemaker with intrinsic rate of 60-100 bpm
AV Node Back up pacemaker. intrinsic rate of 40-60 bpm
Ventricular cells back up pacemaker with 20-45 bpm
what is normal impulse conduction? SA-AV-Bundle of His-bundle branches-purkinje fibers.
what does P wave represent? atrial depolarization
what does QRS wave rep.? Ventricular depolariztion
what does T wave rep? Ventricular repolarizaton
what is the S-T segment? atrial and ventricular repolarization, should be at baseline, -Tall or spiked waves=Hyperkalemia,MI -elevation=infarction -depression=ischemia
ECG paper boxes -Horizontally small box=.04s large box=.20s -vertically 1 large box=0.5mv
What is duration of PR interval? 0.12-0.20sec
What is duration of QRS interval? 0.06-0.10sec
What is duration of ST segment? not elevated or depressed.
normal heart rate =? 60-100bpm
bradycardia=? <60bpm
Tachycardia=? >100bpm
Flutter=? >200bpm
fibrillation=? Too fast to count
How do you estimate heart rate? count the # of R waves in a 6 sec. strip and X by 10. Or do 300 ___ # of large blocks between R waves. Normal sinus rhyth. bradycardia <60bpm Tx:O2 and atropine tacycardia >101-160 Tx:o2 Atrial flutter 250-350bpm Tx:O2, digoxin, cardioversion, beta blockers atrial fibrillation 400-700bpm chaotic and irregular rhyth. causes: hypoxia,ischemic heart disease, MI Tx:O2 digoxin, cardioversion, beta blockers PVC. rate depends on underlying rhyth. P wave absent. Causes:caffeine, stress, alcohol,acidosis,MI, hypoxemia. Tx:O2, Lidocaine or Amiodorone. VTach. Rate 100-200bpm rhythm regular. no P waves, causes same as PVc Tx: defib. if no pulse, lidocaine or amiodorone and cardioversion if pulse present. V Fib Rate:NONE rhythm: chaotic pQRS wav: absent No cardiac output or pulse Causes: acute MI, untreated Vtach,hypothrermia, electrolyte imbalance, electric shock. Tx: Defib., CPR, O2 Asystole Rate:none rhythm:none Confirm in 2 leads first, Causes: ischemia, infarct. hypoxia,hypothermia, drug od, acute resp. fail. Tx: CPR, epi, atropine
What is ischemia? decreased blood flow to the tissue;depressed or inverted T wave
what is meant by injury? Acute damage to the tissue often from ischemia; elevated S-T segment
what is Infarction? death of tissue; the end result of ischemia or injury.
Created by: meyoufools
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