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BJ Egypt Gods

BJ Revolution GEN

Husband of Isis, father of Horus, and brother of Set served as god of the underworld, and protector of the dead. represented either as a green mummy, or wearing the Atef, a plumed crown. Osiris
Created in opposition to the forces of Ma'at fought the demon Apopis each day, emerging victorious, symbolic of the struggle of forces that brought harmony Set
daughter of Geb and Nut, protected love, motherhood, and fate in the Egyptian mythos. Her powers were gained through tricking the god Ra. Isis
The god of the sky and light and the son of Isis and Osiris. In earlier myth he was the brother of Set, and son of Ra. Ruled over the earth. Horus
Personification of the midday sun. He traveled across the sky each day and then each night, the monster Apep would attempt to prevent his return .He was portrayed with the head of a falcon, and crowned with the sun disc. Ra
began as a local god of Thebes, governing the air, fertility and reproduction, His appearance in art was as a man in a loincloth, with a headdress topped by feathers, but other appearances show him with the head of a ram. Amon
The god of embalming to the Egyptians, he was typically pictured with the head of a jackal. He also served as the god of the desert and tombs. He a introduced the dead to the afterlife, and as their judge. Weigh the heartagainst the feather of truth. Anubis
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