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Module 7

Science module 7 quiz

Aphelion Point where earth is farthest from the Sun
Perihelion Point where earth is closest to the Sun
Lines of Longitude Imaginary lines that run north and south across earth
Lines of Latitude Imaginary lines that run east and west across the coast
Coriolis Effect The way in which rotation of earth bends the path of winds, sea creatures, and objects that fly through different latitudes
Air Mass Large body of water with relatively uniform pressure, temp and humidity
Weather Front Boundary between two air masses
What's the difference between climate and weather? Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get
What are the three main factors that affect earth's weather? Thermal energy , uneven distribution of thermal energy, ad water vapor in the atmosphere
If stratus clouds are dark, what are they called? Nimbostratus
If you find lenticular clouds higher than normal, what are they called? Altolenticular
In the Northern Hemisphere, is the length of the days greater than or less than 12 hours between June 21 and Sep 22? Are days increasing or decreasing? Days are greater than 12 hours but the days are decreasing in length.
What does "insolation" stand for? Incoming Solar Radiation
In the Southern Hemisphere, between which dates are the day lengths less than 12 hours but increasing? June 21-September 22
Is the Northern Hemisphere's summer during the aphelion or perihelion? Aphelion
What causes wind? Temperature differences
Why isn't there a constant stream of wind blowing from the poles to the equator? The temperature of air changes as latitude changes.
What causes wind patterns to bend in different regions of the globe? Coriolis Effect
If you are in Alaska and want to fire at a target at the equator, due to the south of your location, what direction should you aim it? Southeast
Will the local wind produced by this effect allow from the mountain into the valley or from the valley up to the mountain? The wind will blow mountain to valley
Is the humidity high or low in a continental polar air mass? Is the air mass warm or cold? Humidity is low, air is cold.
Is the humidity high or low in a maritime tropical air mass? Is this air mass warm or cold? Humidity is high , air is warm.
Over a couple days, the clouds, slowly build and then a gently, long rain ensues that lasts 20 hours. What kind of front is this? Warm front
You notice cirrus clouds forming, followed by stratus and nimbostratus clouds, In a few hours dark cumulus nimbus clouds form turning to a thunderstorm. What front is this called? Ocduded front
Dark cumulonimbus clouds form and thunderstorm start that lasts a few hours. Once the sky clears do you expect cooler or warmer temps than it was before the storm? Cooler temps
Created by: csyd