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Dermatologic Medications

Trade (Gen.)Classifications
Brevoxyl (benzoyl peroxide) Treat acne vulgaris
Benzac (benzoyl peroxide) Treat acne vulgaris
Stri - Dex (salicylic acid) Treat acne vulgaris
Clearasil (salicylic acid) Treat acne vulgaris
Propa pH (salicylic acid) Treat acne vulgaris
Epiduo Treat acne vulgaris
YAZ Treat acne vulgaris, COCP, & PMDD
elta tar Treat psoriasis
Balnetar Treat psoriasis
Zetar Treat psoriasis
Neutrogena T/Gel Treat psoriasis
Denorex Treat psoriasis
Tegrin Treat psoriasis
Stelara Treat psoriasis, & psoriatic arthritis
Humira Treat psoriasis
Enbrel Treat psoriasis
Bactroban topical antibiotic
Polysporin Topical antibiotic
Neosporin Topical Antibiotic
Desenex (miconazole) Topical antifungals
Lotrimin (miconazole) Topical antifungals
Cruex (miconazole) Topical antifungals
Micatin (miconazole) Topical antifungals
Lamisil Topical Antifungals
Tinactin Topical Antifungals
A+D Ointment (zinc oxide) astringents
Desitin (zinc oxide) astringents
Calamine Lotion astringents
Witch hazel astringents
Styptic (stiptic) astringents
Solarcaine (benzocaine) Topical anesthetic
Lanacane (benzocaine) Topical anesthetic
Elimite Treat scabies
Nix Treat pediculosis (lice)
RID Treat pediculosis (lice)
LiceMD Treat pediculosis (lice)
Silvadene Topical antibiotic for second degree burns + Third degree burns to prevent infection and speed healing.
Betadine (povidone iodine) iodine based antiseptic
Hibiclens Non-iodine antiseptic
Rogaine Treat male and female hair loss.
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