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Christmas Carol

nephew the son of one's brother or sister
wealthy having a lot of money
frightened afraid, scared
gloomy filled with sadness
notion foolish idea
warehouse large building typically used to store goods or merchandise
Scrooge any stingy, cheap person
punishment a penalty or consequence given when one has done something wrong or illegal
present occurring at this time or now
gigantic huge
hobbled walked with a limp
crutch a tool used to assist an injure or crippled person in walking
vanishes disappears
crippled a term used to refer to a person who is partially or totally unable to use one or more limbs
funeral ceremony held for a dead person prior to burial or cremation
phantom a ghostly spirit
gravestone a stone marking a grave, usually giving the name, date of birth and death, etc... of a person buried there
generous giving, unselfish
rattling giving out short, sharp sounds
charity generous actions or donations to aid the poor or less fortunate
humbug having no sense or meaning
mourn to feel or express sorrow or grief
splendid magnificent, superb
shivering shaking or trembling with cold or fear
assist give support or help to
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