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Hist.of Resp.Care

NECC History of Respiratory Care -09

Large scale production of commercialized Oxygen was developed in 1907 by whom? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 8 Karl Von Linde
Who described his law of diffusion for gases (1831)Egan's chapter 1 pg.6 Graham's Law
CoARC Is a committee that is sponsored by what four organizations, to ensure that Respiratory Therapy follow accrediting standards endorsed by the AMA American Medical Association? Egan's chapter 2 pg.19-20 AARC(American Association for Respiratory Care) ACCP(American College of Chest Physicians) ASA(American Society of Anesthesiologists) ATS(American Thoracic Society)
What does AARC stand for? Egan's chapter 1 PG.11 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION for RESPIRATORY CARE
After world war one (1930) Ivan Magill introduced the use of what tube that made blind nasal intubation possible? Egan's chapter1 pg. 10 Soft Rubber Endotracheal Tube
In 1911, what pulmotor ventilator was used in resuscitation? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 9 Heinrich(DRAGER)
What mask allows oxygen administration in percentages(1960)? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 9 Campbell(VENTIMASK)
What famous artist (1452-1519) studied human anatomy and determined that sub-atmospheric intrapleural pressures inflated the lungs? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 6 Leonardo Da Vinci
National Board for Respiratory Care(NBRC)is responsible for what? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 2 The NBRC is responsible for credentialing and examinations for Respiratory Therapists.
Which greek physician is known as the "Father of Medicine"? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 4 HIPPOCRATES
In 1947, what organization is responsible for the first professional association for the field of Respiratory Care? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 11 Inhalation Therapy Association (ITA)
Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. Egan's chapter 1 pg. 12 CoARC
In 1808, who described the relationship between gas pressure and temperature? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 6 Joseph Louis GAY-LUSSAC
What organization in the 1980's made a major push to introduce state licensure for Respiratory Care practitioners based on what other organization that provides credentialing? Egan' chapter 1 pg. 11 AARC and NBRC
During the poilio epidemics of the 1930's and 1950's a commercial version of the Iron Lung was developed by two men who were they? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 9 Drinker and Emerson
The NBRC allows Respiratory Therapists to specialize in what certain areas? Egan's chapter 2 pg. 20 NPS (Neonatal Pediatrics Specialist) PFT (Pulmonary Function Technologist)
The NBRC is considering new specialty credentialing examinations in what areas? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 12 polysomnography and Critical Care
In 1787, what is the law that describes the relationship between gas temperature and volume is? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 6 CHARLES LAW
Inhalation therapists provided what support therapy to help improve patients breathing? Egan's chapter 1 pg. 11 OXYGEN THERAPY
What committee is responsible for reviewing educational programs for Respiratory Care? Egan's chapter 2 pg. 19 CoARC
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