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Physical Agents

Superficial Heat (PTA)

HP(hot pack): hydrocollator water temperature 158-167 F
HP (hot pack): amount of heating time in hydrocollator between each use 30 min.
HP: number of towel layers 6-8
HP: 1 HP cover= ____ towel layers 2-3
When are additional towel layers needed for HP? When pt. lies on top of HP.
Paraffin is used to heat distal extremities
Paraffin should be maintained at what temperature? 113-126 F
Paraffin should NOT be left on for longer than 20 min.
IR (infrared Lamp) uses ______ heat to superficially heat tissues. radiant
The main therapeutic effect of IR soft tissue healing
Negatives about IR (why it is declining in use) limited depth of penetration, dehydrating effects, risk of burns
IR: Pt. should be positioned _____ inches away from source. Treatment time should last for ______ minutes. 20, 20
IR: As the distance _________, the intensity will _________, and the total treatment time should ___________. decreases, increase, decrease
Fluidotherapy uses what type of heat? convection
Fluidotherapy: therapeutic effects tissue healing, skin desensitization, prevention of edema
Fluidotherapy: Positives allows for active movement during treatment; temperature remains constant
Fluidotherapy: Negatives Expensive; extremity may require being placed in dependent position
Fluidotherapy: temperature 111-125 F
Fluidotherapy:treatment time 20 min.
Indications for Superficial Heat pain control, increase ROM, decrease joint stiffness, accelerate healing, IR for psoriasis & dermal ulcers
Precautions for Superficial Heat pregnancy, impaired circulation, poor thermal regulation, edema, cardiac insufficiency, metal in the area, over an open wound, over areas where topical counterirritants have recently been applied
Contraindications for Superficial Heat acute injury or inflammation, recent or potential hemorrhage, thrombophleblitis, impaired sensation and/or mentation, malignancy, IR to eyes
Adverse Effects of Superficial Heat burns, fainting, bleeding, skin & eye damage from IR
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