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Procedures semester1

the trachea is made up of ____ C-shaped rings of cartilage. 20
The protective lid over the laryngopharynx is called the _______. epglottis
The gland that stores hormones and slowly releases them to aide with body metabolism? thyroid
Why do you roll someone who is puking on their left side? The right bronchus is wider and shorter than the left and also more vertical
At what level do you find the carina? T4-5
Bronchi divide into smaller branches called bronchioles and each small terminal bronchiole terminates in very small air sacs called _____. alveoli
How many lobes do the right and left lungs have? Right- 3 Left-2
the lungs are made up of a light spongey elastic substance called _______. Parenchyma
the double walled sac that contains the lungs is called? the inner part is called? the outer? pleura, inner= visceral pleura, outer= parietal pleura
When air or gas is present in the pleural cavity the condition is called what? pneumothorax
Fluid or pus in the pleural cavity is called? pulmonary effusion
The 3 divisions of the aorta are: ascending aorta, aortic arch, descending aorta
what gland is responsible for growth? pituitary gland
what type of chest x-ray shows a pneumothorax the best? erect expiration
what is the term for a stationary blood clot? a moving blood clot? stationary= thrombus moving= embolism
what are the three branches off the aortic arch? let common carotid, brachiocephalic artery, and leftsubclavian
The point at which the trachea bifurcates into the left and right bronchus is called the ________. carina
The _______ marks the boundary between the nasopharynx and the oropharynx. uvula
where do you center for a PA chest x-ray? T7
The gland in the mediastinum that is prominent in infants but atrophies(shrinks) as we age is called the _______. thymus
The most common body habits is the _______ person sthenic
What are you looking at in a lordodic chest radiograph? apices
A ______ oblique to demonstrate mediastinal structures should be rotated ___degrees LAO 60
How long is the esophagus? 10inches
the part of the small intestine that is the shortest and widest? duodenum
The widest portion of the large intestine? cecum
The space or cavity between the parietal and visceral peritoneum is called the _______. peritoneal cavity
What lies in the C-loop of the duodenum? pancreas
what is the medical term for chewing? swallowing? chewing is mastication and swallowing is deglutition
What portion of the stomach is most anterior? pylorus (the most distal)
how long is the duodenum? 12 inches
what is the ligament that anchors the duodenum? ligament of treitz
what part of the colon is the longest? transverse colon
The kidneys are encased in a layer of _____ fat
what is it called when you break the tip of your finger and is the only fxr of the hand that doesn't require a plastic surgeon? tuft fxr
T or F? all joints in upper limb are diarthrodial and synovial True
What is the most commonly dislocated carpal bone? lunate
What is the most commonly fractured carpal? Scaphoid
What is the biggest carpal bone? capitate (os magnum)
What carpal articulates with the first metacarpal to make up a saddle joint? trapezium
How many phalanges are in one hand? 14
how many bones make up the hand ? (carpals, metacarpals, phalanges) 27
a fracture of the radial styloid process is called? shauffeurs or hutchinson's
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