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MCW Insulin

MCW Insulin and Oral Sulfonylureas

Only insulin suitable for intravenous use; Color of solution is____ Regular Insulin; clear
Insulin with a delayed, longer time course; Color of suspension is____ NPH; cloudy
Insulin analogs (2) with shorter onset of action and quicker deactivation than regular insulin Lispro insulin, Insulin aspart
Long acting insulin analog Insulin glargine
Why are intermediate and long-acting insulins administered? To mimic 24 hour basal insulin secretion
What are short acting insulins given pre-prandially? To mimic nutrient stimulated insulin secretion
Goals of insulin therapy 1. avoid symptoms of hyperglycemia 2. Keep mean glucose leves as close to normal to prevent long term complications 3. While avoiding severe "hypoglycemic reactions"
Group of drugs that work by stimulating insulin secretion by the pancreas by directly interacting with the B-cells K+ transporter, causing depolarization and secondarily calcium influx Sulfonylurea
Three commonly used sulfonylurea drugs Tolbutamine, Glipizide, Glyburide "To Get Glucose"
Major effect of this drug is to make liver more sensitive to insulin Metformin
Most serious side effect of Metformin; Avoided by not giving drug to patients with this condition Lactic acidosis...Potentially FATAL; Renal insufficiency
This drug makes peripheral tissues such as fat and muscle more sensitive to insulin by activating PPAR Rosiglitazone
Rosiglitazone contraindicated in patients with this advanced heart failure
This drug inhibits enteric enzymes that break down complex carbohydrates resulting in partial malabsorption of carbohydrates; reduces post-prandial hyperglycemia Acarbose------glucosidase inhibitors
Drugs that increase insulin (2) 1.Oral sulfonylureas (Tolbutamine, Glyburide, Glipizide) 2.Insulin
Drugs that improve insulin therapy (2) 1.Metformin 2.Rosiglitazone
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