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Crescendo 3a

Il futuro

affrontare to face
l’avversità adversity
farcela to succeed/manage
fare castelli in aria to build castles in the air
l'imprevisto unforeseen
influenzare to influence
prevedere il futuro to foresee the future
le previsioni expectations/predictions/forecasts
il rimpianto regret
sognare ad occhi aperti to daydream
la sorte fate/fortune
superare to overcome
pensare di + inf. to think about doing something
il segno zodiacale zodiac sign
stare per+ inf. to be about to do something
audace bold/brave
cauto cautious
deciso certain/resolute
indeciso uncertain
pratico practical
prudente drudent
realista realistic
sognatore/sognatrice dreamer
timoroso fearful
appena as soon as
dopo che after
finchè until/till
fra in/within
Created by: dpalumbo