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NECC Interpret ABG09

What is the first step before doing a ABG? check the chart to comfirm order and indication
After a major change in ventilatory support how long it should be waited to do a ABG? 20-30 minutes
What is the preferred site for adults ABG's drawn? Radial artery
What is the longest time a ABG sample could go( without ice)without being analyzed? 15 minutes
PH lower than 7.35 acidemia
PH higher than 7.45 Alkalemia
What test is perform to comfirm collateral circulation before doing ABG? Allen Test
What is a adequate amount of blood for a ABG sample? 2-4 ml of blood
Normal PaCO2 35-45 mmhg
Normal PH 7.35-7.45
Normal HCO3- 22-26 meq/l
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.40 PaCO2 40 HCO3- 24 normal
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.25, PaCO2 60, HCO3 26 Respiratory Acidosis
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.50 PCO2 44 HCO3- 35 Metabolic alkalosis
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.25 PCO2 36 HCO3- 13 Metabolic Acidosis
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.60 PCO2 22 HCO3- 24 Respiratory Alkalosis
Some causes of metabolic acidosis? diarrhea, starvation, diabetic ketoacidosis
When results of ABG the PH and the PCO2 are going in the opposite direction there is always? Respiratory component
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.50 PACO2 27 HCO3- 24 Respiratory alkalosis
Interpret the fallowing ABG: PH 7.38 PCO2 62 HCO3 24 Respiratory acidosis
Created by: mariluz