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8th Energy and Heat

Energy and Heat

What is energy? The ability to do work
What is potential energy? Stored energy or energy "waiting to happen"
What is gravitational potential energy? Energy stored due to gravity
What is chemical energy? Energy stored in food or fuel
Give some examples of gravitational potential energy. Skier at the top of a mountain, highest point of a swing, books on a shelf
Give some examples of chemical potential energy. food, gasoline, natural gas, batteries, logs of wood
What is kinetic energy? Energy of motion
Describe the energy conversion that takes place in a blow dryer. Electrical to heat, light, and sound
How does a person on a swing show energy conversion? Highest points of the swing show max potential energy. Lowest points show max kinetic energy.
What is temperature? Temperature is a measure of how fast molecules are moving. Fast moving = hot.........show moving = cold
How is temperature different from heat? Temperature measures how fast particles are moving. Heat also measures how fast particles are moving but includes the NUMBER of particles also.
Which has more heat.....a small fire or a giant glacier? A giant glacier has a lower temp but actually has more HEAT because of its massive size (Many more particles)
Name the 3 forms of heat transfer. Conduction, convection, and radiation.
Define conduction and give an example. Conduction is heat transfer through objects that are touching. Examples include a snake warming on a hot rock, touching a hot iron, straightening your hair with a flat iron
Define convection and give an example. Convection is heat transfer through differences in density. (Happens in fluids) Example: Hot air rising in the summer to cause a thunderstorm
Define radiation and give an example. Radiation is heat transfer in the form of waves. Examples include heat coming from a fire, heat traveling to earth from the sun
Radiation must be ________________ before it can heat something. ABSORBED
Which is a better absorber of radiation: light objects or dark objects? DARK
Which is a better absorber of radiation: smooth objects or rough objects? ROUGH
Which of the three forms of heat transfer does not need a medium to travel? RADIATION
Conduction works best in SOLIDS
Heat energy travels to the earth by Radiation
Convection occurs in Liquids and Gases (FLUIDS)
What is the boiling point of water ? 100 degrees celsius
What is the freezing point of water? 0 degrees celsius
Explain how a small child playing on a swing is an example of PE being converted to KE. At the top of the swing on both sides the PE is at its greatest. The KE is greatest at the bottom of the swing.
How is it possible for a glacier to have more HEAT than a small fire even thought the fire has a higher temperature? The glaciers has significantly MORE MASS. Heat is based on the number of particles.
Describe a situation where an apple is an example of GPE. While its sitting in the tree!
Describe a situation where an apple is an example of CPE. When you EAT it.
Created by: cwalczak