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Unit 8 Energy Test

This review will help you to study for the Unit 8 (7th grade) Assessment.

These two beakers contain different amounts of water. Therefore, how does the temperature of the water in the large beaker compare or contrast with the temperature of the water in the small beaker? The water in the large beaker and the water in the small beaker have the same temperature because the thermometers show the same readings.
How many calories are needed to raise the temperature of 10 grams of water by 10 degrees Celsius? 100 cal
As energy in the form of heat is added to an ice cube, it begins to melt. What causes melting? The transfer of thermal energy to the ice cube causes its molecules to move faster.
Krista puts a plastic spoon into a bowl of hot mashed potatoes, as shown in the figure below. Which of the following is most likely true of the spoon after five minutes? Its temperature remains relatively constant.
A spring toy is moving down steps, as shown in the picture below. What happens to the energy of the toy? The toy loses energy to the steps.
Evan creates a table to organize information about the different forms of energy. Which form of energy completes the table? mechanical
Waves can be measured in many different ways. What property of a wave is measured by F? wavelength
Suppose a mechanical wave is traveling through medium A. When the wave enters medium B, it speeds up. Which of the following statements is true about medium A and medium B? Medium A is a liquid and medium B is a solid.
The graph below shows the energy that a ball has. Predict how the graph will change if the ball is moving down toward the ground. The bar for gravitational potential energy will decrease and the bar for kinetic energy will increase as potential energy changes to kinetic energy.
Which force will transfer energy to a rolling cart? A force pushes the cart south as the cart rolls north.
Which of the following best describes alternating current? current in which charges change direction
The following image shows two conducting wires. Each wire is made of the same material and has the same temperature. Therefore, which of these wires has a greater electrical resistance? Wire B
Which of the following correctly explains why people should not use frayed electrical cords? Frayed electrical cords expose users to electric circuits, creating the risk of electric shock.
Kim wants to make her school a safer place to be during a lightning storm. What could Kim do? help mount a lightning rod on top of the school
When startled, an armadillo may jump straight up. Look at the diagram of a jumping armadillo below. If the armadillo loses no mechanical energy, identify the type and amount of energies it has at the highest point of its jump. At the highest point: 0 J of kinetic energy & 10 J of gravitational potential energy. At 0.5m: 5 J of kinetic energy & 5 J of gravitational potential energy.
What is the mechanical energy for a hammer with 12 J of gravitational potential energy & 18 J of kinetic energy? 30 J
What kind of wave has particles that move back and forth in the same direction that the wave travels? longitudinal wave
What kind of wave has particles that move perpendicularly to the direction of the wave? transverse wave
What is a measure of how far particles in a medium move from a resting position? amplitude
What is the frequency of the buoy below? Remember, Frequency = 1/Period 0.2 Hertz
What is the amount of work required to move each unit of electrical charge between two points? voltage
What type of current is shown below? Alternating Current (AC)
What type of circuit is identified below? parallel circuit
A student is building a simple circuit with a battery, light bulb, and copper wires. When she connects the wires to the battery terminals, the light bulb does not light up. Which of the following could explain why the bulb does not light? The circuit is open.
What is the technical term in a circuit diagram for a device that uses electrical energy to operate? load
Created by: SKerst44