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student bowl 2

med law set 2 for student bowl

Feasance doing an act or performing a duty
Guardian ad litem court appointed guardian to represent an unborn child or minor
HIPAA health insurance and accountability act of 1996, protects pt. health info privacy
In loco parentis a person assigned by the court to stand in place of the parents and possess legal responsibilities toward a child
Malfeasance performing an illegal act
Malpractice professional misconduct, unreasonable lack of skill resulting in injury, loss or damage
Misfeasance improper performance of an otherwise proper or lawful act
Negligence unintentional action that occurs when a person performs or fails to perform an action that a “reasonable person” would perform in a similar situation
Nonfeasance failure to perform a necessary action
Parens patriae authority when the state takes responsibility from the parents for the care and custody of minors
Principle of nonmalfeasance “first do not harm”
Punitive damages monetary damages awarded by court to a person who had been harmed
Res ipsa loguitur the thing speaks for itself
Res judicta the thing has been decided
Respondeat superior let the master answer
Slander speaking false malicious words about another person causing injury to their reputation
Stare decisis let the decision stand
Subpoena court order for persons or documents to appear in court
Subpoena duces tecum “under penalty take with you” court order for persons to appear in court with documents
Subpeoned ordered by the court
Tort a civil injury or wrongful act committed against another person or property resulting in harm, compensated monetarily
Unintentional tort negligence
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