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Clincal electrophys testing

Recording and measurement of a compound nerve and compound muscle action potential elicited in response to a single supramaximal electrical stimulus under standardized conditions is called? nerve conduction study(NCS)
What are the three measurements being recorded during NCS? latency, amplitude, and duration
The recording and study of insertional, spontaneous and voluntary electrical activity of muscle is known as? electromyography(EMG)
What are the three phases of measurement for electromyography? insertion, rest, and voluntary contraction(maximal/minimal)
When are NCS and EMG used? when lower motor neuron phenomena is suspected
Where is the cell body for a motor neuron located? anterior horn
Where is the cell body for a sensory neuron located? dorsal root ganglion
What five things are conduction velocity dependent upon? diameter of axon, thickness of myelin, temperature, age, internodal distance
Type Ia nerve fibers are responsible for? prorioception, skeletal muscle
Type Ib nerve fibers are responsible for? afferent info to GTO
Type II nerve fibers are responsible for? cutaneous touch, efferent to muscle spindle
Type III nerve fibers are responsible for? temperature and pain
Afferent nerve fibers are sensory or motor? sensory
Efferent nerve fibers are sensory or motor? motor
How many types of afferent nerve fibers are there? four
What are the two types of efferent fibers? alpha motor neuron, gamma motor neuron
How many type A nerve fibers are there and what are they called? 3/afferent, efferent, and cutaneous
What are the two types of cutaneous nerve fibers? afferent alpha and afferent delta
myelinated preganglionic fibers of autonomic nerves are what kind of nerve fibers? B fibers
unmyelinated fibers of somatic nerves that are also afferent fibers of the dorsal root and peripheral nerve that are responsible for poorly localized pain, burning, aching pain are what type of nerve fibers? C fibers
What type of muscle fiber is a slow twitch oxidative fiber? type I
Fast twitch oxidative glyolytic muscle fibers are what type of muscle fibers? IIA
Fast twitch glycolytic muscle fibers are what type of muscle fibers? IIB
What is an orthodromic impulse? impulse that runs along an axon in its normal direction
What is an antidromic impulse? impulse that runs along an axon in the opposite to normal direction
Motor units are recruited according to what? size
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