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Appendix A pt1

Appendix A

A, an, ana No, not, without
Ante Before, Forward
Anti Against
Bi Two, double, both
Brady Slow
Contra Against, Opposite
Dys Dificult, Painful
Endo Within
Epi Above, Upon
Gynec/o Woman
Hemi Half
Hyper Above, Excessive
Hypo below, deficient
Inter Between
Intra Within
Mal Bad, poor, abnormal
Neo New
Non Not
Para Near, besides
Per Through
Peri Around, surrounding
Poly Many, excessive
Post After
Pre Before, in front of
Retro Behind, backward, upward
Semi Half
Sub Below, under
Syn Together, with
Tachy Fast
Tri Three
Algia Pain
Cyte Cell
Ectomy Surgical removal, exsicion
Emesis Vomit
Emia Blood
Ism Condition
Itis Inflammation
Lepsy Structure or tissuse
Oid Resembling/like
(o)Logist Study of
Oma Tumor
Osis Abnormal conditions
Ostomy Creation of an opening
Otomy Incision into
Pathy Disease
Phobia Abnormal fear
Plasty Surgical repair
Pnea Breathing
Rrhea Flow, Discharge
Scelerosis Hardening
Stasis Control, stop
Created by: Harshini K