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Fundamentals Unit 10

SPC Fundamentals Unit 10 Exam 4

Define Cleaning? The first space in processing all equipment. Equipment is washed to remove dirt and organic material.
Define Disinfection? Destroys the vegetative forms of pathogens, BUT NOT SPORES
Define Low-Level? Will NOT KILL resistant microorganisms
Define Intermediate-Level? Kills all vegetative bacteria and fungi, BUT NOT CERTAIN VIRUSES
Define High-Level? Kills all vegetative microorganisms
Define Sterilization? The complete destruction of all microorganisms
What is Pasteurization? An intermediate-level disinfection process that involves immersing equipment in a hot water bath 70 degree C for 30min
List the low-level disinfectants Acetic Acid (1 part vinegar 3 parts distilled water) & Quaternay Ammonium Compounds (Used on ventilators)
List the intermediate-level disinfectants Ethyl & Isopropyl Alcohol/Phenolics/Iodophors (all surface area and skin)
List the high-level disinfectants Glutaraldyde- kills spores w. 3hr exposure time. Used on tubing/ bronchoscopes/airways/resuscitation bags
High-Level Chemical disinfectants Hydrogen Peroxide/Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach)/Peracetic Acid
What is Autoclaving? Use of steam under pressure of 15psi @ 121 degrees C (most common)
What are the Thermos indicators of Autoclaving? Temperature and Exposure
What are the Biological indicators of Autoclaving? Sterilization
What is Ionizing Radiation? Cleaning using X-Rays and Gamma Rays but the cost are high with long exposure time of 48-72hrs
What is Ethylene Oxide Sterilization? Good for heat sensitive equipment. ETO @450mg/L. Relative Humidity @30-60%. Temperature @50-60 degrees C
What are the 3 risk Categories? 1. Critical- devices directed into the bloodstream of body 2. Semicritical- devices that directly or indirectly contact mucous membrane 3. Noncritical- devices that do not contact the patient or only contact healthy skin
T/F Critical requires sterilization? True
T/F Semicritical requires High-Level disinfection? True
T/F Noncritical requires low to intermediate-level disinfection? True
Created by: Langhout1418
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