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5th Science Enviro W

5th Grade Science Environments - Sources of Water Pollution

Agricultural Wastes Rain can wash animal wastes and fertilizers into ponds where they cause algae to grow, blocking light from plants and killing them
Industry & Mining Chemicals and metal wastes can harm organisms in water or animals which drink the water
Sediments Can cover up food sources (nests and eggs) of water organisms and they also block sunlight preventing algae and plants from growing
Heat Heated water from factories can have a negative effect by killing organisms in the water where it is released
Oil & Gasoline Spills can take many years for an area to recover and oil & gasoline can leak out of damaged underground tanks and can be carried far away by ground water
Household Sewage If sewage isn't treated to kill disease, causing organisms they multiply and people become ill if they drink or swim in water with these organisms
Human Activities Most water pollution is caused by
Pollution Contamination of land, water and air
Pollutants Can make water unpleasant for drinking or washing and can case sickness and even death
Chemicals, wastes, noise heat, light and more Pollution can be caused by
Created by: RoperFive