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5th Science Enviro S

5th Grade Science Environments Test Study

% of all water on earth that is Salt Water 97
% of all water on earth that is Fresh Water 3
% of all freshwater that is Liquid 1
% of all freshwater that is frozen 3/4
Pollutants can make water Unpleasant for drinking or washing
Pollutants can cause Sickness and even death
Environmental issues fall into three categories Resource Use, Population Growth, Pollution
There are unique wildlife habitats and valuable minerals beneath its thick ice Antartica
Renewable Resources include Sunlight, wind, fresh water and trees
In about 1650 AD what improvements enabled people to live longer? Medicine, agriculture and waste disposal
When the population grows the demand for this also grows Resources
Pollution can be related to Resource use and population growth
Environmental decision can be made at which levels? Personal, local, national or global
Every decision has some impact on the Environment
Environmental decision making requires a delicate balance between The needs of the environment and the needs of the people
To help balance the different opinions on an environmental issue, decision makers weigh the Costs and benefits of the proposal
Costs and benefits are often Economic (Provide jobs? Cost too much?)
Costs for changing ecosystems can also be Ecological
It is important to consider both Short term and long term costs and benefits
Once you have identified the potential costs and benefits of a decision you must then Analyze them
Created by: RoperFive