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Pharm Unit 18

SPC Pharmacology Unit 18 Exam 6

What is Preload? The amount of blood volume returning to the right heart.
As the preload is altered, what happens? The amount of the work of the right heart is altered.
T/F Increasing the preload Increased the work of the right heart? True
T/F Decreasing the preload Decreased the work of the right heart? True
What is Afterload? The resistance to blood movement from the left ventricle at systole.
T/F The greater the afterload the greater the work for the left heart? True
Hypertension can cause what? Adversley alters organ function and can result in stroke/kidney disease/& cardiac disease
Arterial Hypertension Systole vs. Diastolic Systolic >140 Diastolic >90
What is intended for Morphine Sulfate to do? Drops blood pressure/Relaxes Vascular Smooth Muscle/Drops Preload & Afterload
What is the dose of Morphine Sulfate? 2-5mg IV push
What is the main condition for Morphine Sulfate? Heart Failure aka Myocardial Infarction aka Heart Attack
What are Anti-Hypertensive Medications used for? Used to lower the arterial blood pressure.
What are the 3 options for treatment of hypertension? 1. Reduce Blood Volume 2. Reduce Vasoconstriction 3. Reduce Cardiac Output
What is a Sympathetic Blocker? Blocks the sympathetic receptors and results in the lowering of the blood pressure.
T/F Inderal (Propranolol) is a beta blocker? True
Propranolol is also known as? Inderal
What is the Sympathetic Beta Blocker medication? Propranolol
T/F Sympathetic Blocker is also a Anti-hypertensive Medication? True
A.C.E. stands for? Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
What does ACE produce? Angiotensin II which is a vasoconstrictor
Angiotensin II is what? A vasoconstrictor
What does ACE inhibitors do? Interferes with the production of Angiotensin II
ACE inhibitors are administered how? PO (by mouth)
ACE inhibitors are for treatment of? Hypertension
What is Vasotec? ACE Inhibitor used to lower blood pressure
What is the problem with Vasotec? Airway obstruction due to a swollen tongue.
Thiazides is a class of what? Diuretics
Thiazides is what type of medication? Anti-Hypertensive Medication
What are Thiazides used for? Used to lower blood pressure because they promote the loss of sodium (Na+) which results in the loss of sympathetic tone
T/F Lowering Sympathetic Tone lowers sodium levels? True
T/F Lower sodium lowers vascular tone? True
Nipride is also known as? Sodium Nitroprusside
Sodium Nitroprusside is a rescue medication why? Response is ultra fast and dramatic
Sodium Nitroprusside is used to treat what? Acute Hypertention
Characteristics of Nipride (Sodium Nitroprusside)? Used in acute care/Given IV Drip/Light Sensitive/Fast acting Vasodilator
How is Nipride administered? IV BUT must be closely monitored very closely for changes and safety.
You don't have to monitor administration of Nipride? False
What 3 actions does Nitrates have? 1. Reduce Preload 2. Reduce Afterload 3. Enhanced myocardium perfusion
What do Nitrates promote? Vasodilation by limiting the availability of Ca+ (example) Angina Pectoris-intense chest pain due to lack of oxygen and the vasodilator allows oxygen rich blood to flow better.
What is hypertension? High Blood Pressure
What is hypotension? Low Blood Pressure (Systolic pressure <90)
What are Vassopressors used for? Used to treat systemic hypotension (low blood pressure)
T/F A fall in blood pressure is something to be avoided? True
Cellular dysfunction follows as pH becomes more what? Acidic and electrolyte disorders are promoted.
What is shock? The absence of adequate blood pressure with resulting low perfusion and cellular death as metabolic acidosis sets in.
Levophed is more commonly known as? Norepinephrine
T/F Levophed is a rescue drug? True
Levophed is what? Rescue drug and acts as a strong vasoconstrictor.
How strong is Levophed as a Vasoconstrictor? Significatly strong and can result in ischemia and tissue necrosis of extremities (toes, feet, fingers, hands, etc.)
How is Levophed administered? IV Drip
How is Dopamine administered? IV Drip
When is Levophed administered? When the vasoconstrictor Dopamine doesn't work.
T/F It is not serious when Levophed is being used? False
What are the 3 short term use vasopressors? 1. Dopamine 2. Levophed 3. Vasopressin
T/F Dopamine is a rescue drug? True
How is Dopamine administered? IV Drip
What dose is needed for Dopamine to promote vasoconstrictor? High Dose
Which receptor is stimulated by Dopamine? Alpha 1 Receptors
How is Vasopressin administered? IV Drip
T/F Vasopressin is a rescue drug? True
What is Vasopressin known as and used during? Known as an Antidiuretic Hormone and used during Cardiac Arrest.
Created by: Langhout1418