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human dev final

flash cards

child who is well liked by others and rarely disliked. popular
what kind of attachment identifies infants that respond the same way to their caregiver as they do to a stranger? avoidant
80 persent of infants the have been physically abused are categorized as what type of attachment? "disorgnized-disoriented attachment"
which stage of death is person going through that they desire a little more time and a little less pain? bargaining
what are the stages of death in Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's theory? 1.denial and isolation2.anger3.bargaining4.depression5.acceptance
which parenting style produces a child that is cheerful, socially responsible, self-reliant, achievement-oriented, and cooperative with others? authoritative
child that is rarely liked and often diliked? rejected
what percent of adults choose to marry? 90 percent/9 in 10
which term describes when children look to others to determine how to act? social..something..?
which term is defined as the emotional reaction to death? grief
which type of play is described as children dividing labor in a meaningful way? copperative play
which theory describes adults sacrificing the quantity of relationships to increase the quality? someting selectivity theory
which type of play describes children as being aimless in activity? unoccupied
what is defined as the culturally prescribed way of displaying reactoins to death? mourning
which parenting style prodsuces child that is impulsive, aggressive, self-centered, aimless, low independence, rebellious, lacking self-control? permissive
which type of play describes children that play next to each other but interact little? parellel
which type of play describes children that play alone but are highly involved in what they are doing? solitary
what term describes the strong emotional tie that binds a person to an intimate companion? attachment
wht statistic describes how many newly married couples can expect divorce? 4 in 10
what percent of all infants are securely attached to a caregiver? ..dont know
child that is in the middle on both liked and disliked scales? average
what is the last stage of death in Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's theory? acceptance
what term describes a state of loss? bereavement
child who seems to be invisible to others? neglected
around what age does a child learn to express fear? 5 months
which parening style produce child that has behavioral problems and high levels of substance abuse? neglectful
at what age does a child develop self-conscience emotions? 2 years
which parenting style produces child that is moody,seemingly unhappy, easily annoyed, relatively aimless, unpleasant to be around? authoritarian
how many single-parent families experience a remarriage? 3 out of 4
infants that cope with unreliable care by trying to obtain emotional support are categorized as what type of attachmet? resistant attachment
which theorist focused on expectations about self and others? bowlby
child that is liked by some and disliked by others? controversial
what is the number one cause of death for children between 1 year of age and adults in mid forties? accidents
what are more adults delaying to pursue educational and career goals? marriage
which theorist is known for studying adaptive value of evolved behavior of a species? ainsworth
what age will children begin trying to control the actions of others? 18 months to 2 years
which percent of married couples make it to ten year mark in marriage? dont know
what term describes a group of people that changes in composition and size over lifetime? social something..
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