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Centria Training

Study Activity-ABA

Behavior Must be observed, measured, and effect the environment
ABA The ONLY researched based intervention to target socially significant behavior for children and adults with autism
Consequence An environmental event that immediately follows a response
Automatic/Sensory Reinforcement occurs independent of the environment
Access to Tangibles Behavior is maintained by access to preferred items/activities
Positive Reinforcement Adding something to the environment to increase the future probability of the behavior
Reinforcement A tangible item, attention or a change in the environment immediately follows a response and increases the future frequency of that type of behavior in similar conditions.
Partial Physical Second favorite toys or snacks, still enthusiastic but toned down a bit
Satiation The client has contacted an item repeatedly and is no longer motivated by the opportunity to receive that item
Forced Choice Preference Assessment Present the child with two items, one in each hand, that they typically are motivated by
Generalization When a child’s abilities or skills expand beyond the scope that it has been specifically taught
Mands Requests for preferred edibles, activities, or information
Discrete trial training (DTT) A manner of structured teaching and is often used in ABA programs especially with children with autism or related development delay
Instructional Control When the client readily complies with your instructions. The session is led by the tech, not the child
Discriminative Stimulus The instruction given to begin a trial
Scripting Repetition of words, phrases, intonation, or sounds of the speech of others, sometimes taken from movies, but also sometimes taken from other sources such as favorite books or something someone else has said
Punishment Decreases behavior either by adding something or taking something away
Prompt This form of assistance or cue given to help your child compete a task
NET Is a type of ABA where learning occurs incidentally in the natural environment
Intervention This is the plan of action or the strategy you will use to change a behavior
HIPAA A law that protects a patient's privacy
Extinction The withholding of reinforcement for a previously reinforced behavior, resulting in reduction of that behavior
Elopement When a child wanders away from a person, or an area they are supposed to stay in
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