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Physical Properties

The Coanda effect is also known as what phenomenon? Wall Attachment pg. 117 Egan's
All matter possesses ________? Energy pg. 94 Egans
Solids maintain their shaoe because their atoms are kept in place by strong mutual attractive forces called __________? Van der Waals forces pg. 94 Egan's
In this state of matter attractive forces are very weak. Gas pg. 94 Egan's
What are the two major types of internal energy? Kinetic and potential pg. 94 Egan's
In concept a temperature should exist at which there is no kinetic energy, what temperature is that? Absolute zero pg. 94 Egan's
O Kelvin equals _______Celsius? 273 Celsius pg. 95 Egan's
According to the first law of thermodynamics energy can neither be created or destroyed only ________ in nature. Transformed pg. 95 Egan's
Liquids exert pressure based upon ______ and weight density. Height pg. 97 Egans
Viscosity is most important when fluids move in discrete cylindrical layers called _______. Streamlines pg. 99 Egan's
Laminar flow is also known as ______ flow. Streamline pg. 99 Egan's
Attractive forces between like molecules is called _______. Cohesion pg.99 Egans
_______ is a force exerted by like molecules at a liquids surface. Surface tension pg. 99 Egans
_______ is a phenomenon in which a liquid in a small tube moves upward against gravity. Capillary action pg. 100 Egan's
The two different forms of vaporization are ______ and ______. Boiling and evaporation pg. 100 Egan's
The temperature at which condensation begins is called _________ Dew point pg. 103 Egans
Molecular water obeys the same physical principles as other gases and therefore exerts a pressure called _______________. Water vapor pressure pg. 102 Egan's
What are the three primary patterns of flow? Laminar, turbulent and transitional pg. 113 Egan's
Giovanni Venturi developed an entrainment device called _________ Venturi mask pg. 116 Egan's
Relative humidity is the ratio of water vapor to ___________. Saturated water pg. 117 Egan's
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