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monitoring systems

Project Management Week 10

__________ is when individuals are overwhelmed with too many reports, too much detail, and too much data. Information overload
In earned value analysis, the 0 - 100 percent rule allows __________. 0 percent credit when work begins and 100 percent credit at completion of the activity
A(n) __________ can be used to deal with issues of honesty related to the monitoring system. internal audit
Management by exception has the disadvantage of being __________. an "after the fact" type of approach
In earned value analysis, the __________ is computed as the earned value minus the actual cost of work performed. cost variance
In earned value analysis, if the cost variance is (-$10,000), __________. the cost variance is unfavorable
Vague or incomplete project requirements are an example of which telltale sign that a project is in trouble? Muddy waters
Monitoring, as an activity, should be kept distinct from __________, which uses data supplied by monitoring to bring actual performance into approximate congruence with planned performance. controlling
If CPI = 1.05, then __________ is favorable. cost variance
An appropriate and common secondary user for monitoring includes __________. auditing, learning from mistakes, and reporting progress and status
If EV = $500, AC = $475, PV = $450; SV = ________. $50
In earned value analysis, EAC refers to the __________. estimated cost at completion
__________ are used when some aspect of system performance cannot be measured directly. Indicators
In earned value analysis, the 50-50 rule assumes that __________. 50 percent is earned when the task begins and 50 percent is earned at completion
#15?Conceptually, EAC represents the amount spent to date plus __________. ETC
ETC + AC = __________. EAC
The project control process should be viewed as a(n) __________, with revised plans and schedules (if warranted) following corrective actions. The project control process should run continuously until the project is completed. closed loop system
In general, __________ tend to bias data advertently or inadvertently. those who report them
Which of the following conventions has the characteristic of the project always seeming to be running late, until the very end when it seems to suddenly catch up? The 0-100 percent rule
Ordinal rankings of performance are examples of a __________ type of measure. subjective numeric rating
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