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Chap 10 QC

Imaging 2 - digital (and chap 31 in old book)

Quality ___ is part of an overall quality ___ program, which seeks to get the most efficient performance from both the facility and physician. control, assurance. (QC, QA)
QC is accomplished through four steps: acceptance testing, establishment of baseline performance, diagnosis of changes in performance, and verification of correction of deterioration.
Q_ is proactive, Q_ is reactive. QA is proactive, QC is reactive
_____ aims to prevent defects with a focus on the process used to create the product, _____ aims to identify (and correct) defects in the finished product. QA, QC
Quality of any image can be described in terms of ___, ____, and ____ contrast, resolution, noise
DR detectors are inherently nonuniform. T or F? true
DICOM specifies a standard GSDF. what does this stand for Gray scale display function
What does a gray scale display function do? helps match appearance of image on different displays, helps to equalize the observers perception of contrast in light and dark areas of the image.
3 potential errors in the delivery of an image in DR with PACS? transmission could be interrupted, image could arrive safely but then deleted in the local cache, image could arrive safely but have important information omitted.
Exposure timer accuracy: Frequency and range annually, +/- 5%
mA linearity: frequency and range annually, +/- 10% adjacent stations
Exposure reproducibility: frequency and range annually, +/- 5%
kilovoltage peak calibration: frequency and range annually, +/- 5kVp
Half value layer / filtration: frequency and range annually, 2.5mm AL/Eq (must exceed)
Collimation: frequency and range semi-annually, +/- 2% of the SID
Vertical beam alignment: frequency and range semi-annually, +/- 2 degrees of vertical
Focal spot size/ condition: frequency and range annually, +/- 50% nominal size
Image receptor system: frequency and range semi-annually, zero visible defects
auto exposure control (AEC): frequency and range annually, +/- 10%
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