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Lower Limb

SJC Zerbe S1 U3 Anatomy and procedures of the toes, foot, ankle, calcaneus

Hey Siri,That's an interesting question
How many bones are in the foot? 26
How many tarsal bones are in a foot? 7
How many metatarsals are in a foot? 5
How many phalanges are in a foot? 14
Bottom surface of the foot Plantar
Top of the foot Dorsum
Arch of the foot that spans the length of the foot Longitudinal arch
Arch that distributes weight and acts as a shock absorber, allowing smooth walking Longitudinal arch
Arch of the foot that runs side to side and assists with support Transverse arch
Interphalangeal joints Synovial hinge
Metatarsophalangeal joints Synovial ellipsoid
Intermetatarsal joints Synovial gliding
Tarsometatarsal joints Synovial gliding
Calcaneocuboid joint Synovial gliding
Cuneocuboid joint Synovial gliding
Intercuneiform joints Synovial gliding
Cuboidonavicular joint Fibrous syndesmosis
Naviculocuneiform joint Synovial gliding
Talofibular Joint Synovial hinge
Tibiotalar joint Synovial hinge
Distal Tibiofibular joint Fibrous syndesmosis
Largest Tarsal bone Calcaneus
Second largest tarsal bone Talus
Another name for Calcaneus Os Calcis
Another name for Talus Astragulus
Bone that forms a 30* angle
Created by: paigeduh