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Tarot Major Arcana

Major Arcana with Joan Bunning Keywords (

FOOL (0) Beginning Spontaneity Faith Apparent Folly
MAGICIAN (1) Action Conscious Awareness Concentration Power
HIGH PRIESTESS (2) NonAction Unconscious Awareness Potential Mystery
EMPRESS (3) Motherhood Abundance Senses Nature
EMPEROR (4) Fatherhood Structure Authority Regulation
HIEROPHANT (5) Education Belief Systems Conformity Group Identification
LOVERS (6) Relationship Sexuality Personal Beliefs Values
CHARIOT (7) Victory Will Self-Assertion Hard Control
STRENGTH (8) Strength Patience Compassion Soft Control
HERMIT (9) Introspection Searching Guidance Solitude
WHEEL OF FORTUNE (10) Destiny Turning Point Movement Personal Vision
JUSTICE (11) Justice Responsibility Decision Cause and Effect
HANGED MAN (12) Letting Go Reversal Suspension Sacrifice
DEATH (13) Ending Transition Elimination Inexorable Forces
TEMPERANCE (14) Temperance Balance Health Combination
DEVIL (15) Bondage Materialism Ignorance Hopelessness
TOWER (16) Sudden Change Release Downfall Revelation
STAR (17) Hope Inspiration Generosity Serenity
MOON (18) Fear Illusion Imagination Bewilderment
SUN (19) Enlightenment Greatness Vitality Assurance
JUDGEMENT (20) Judgment Rebirth Inner Calling Absolution
WORLD (21) Integration Accomplishment Involvement Fulfillment
Created by: crigby75
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