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Humidity Therapy-09


Where is the Isothermic saturation boundary (ISB)located? Approximately 5cm below the carina (egans pg 776)
What does the term Inspissated refer to? Thickening of secretions due to dehydration (egans pg 776)
With prolonged breathing of improperly conditioned gases through the tracheal airway can result in what condition? Hypothermia (a reduced body temperature) (egans pg 777)
What are humidifiers used for? To add molecular water to gases (Egans pg 777)
Temperature is an important factor affecting humidity due to the fact that the greater the temperature of the gas the more H2O vapor it will hold. (true or false) True (egans pg 778)
In order for evaporation to occur what are the ideal conditions that need to be present? There needs to be a large surface area to enable evaporation to take place (egans pg 778)
What are the three most common humidifiers used in Respiratory care? 1)Bubble humidifiers 2)Passover humidifiers 3)Heat and moisture exchangers (HME's)(egans pg 779) (egans pg 779)
In the Passover humidifier what is the purpose of the Hydrophobic membrane? The membrane-type separates the water from the gas stream (egans pg 780)
What is a HME? And what are the three most common used? HME is a heat and moisure exchange device. 1)Simple condenser humidifiers 2)Hygroscopic condenser humidifiers 3)Hydrophobic condenser humidifiers (egans pg 780)
What organization sets the standards for the HME's? International Organization for Standarization (ISO) (egans pg 781)
Heated humidifiers operating continuously in breathing circuits can evaporate more than ___ L H2O per day. 1L of H2O per day (egans pg 784)
Simple large reservoir systems are manually refilled with sterile or distilled water. Why would this be a problem? Because the system must be opened for refilling where cross contamination can occur. (egans pg 784)
What type of probe does the Servo-controlled heating system use at or near the patients airway? Thermistor probe (egans pg 783)
Not all active heated humidifiers perform the same under all conditions. (True or False) True (Egans pg 787)
To maintain airway temperatures by humidification the temperature has to range between ___ and __ C 35 and 37 C (egans pg 787)
What are the three most common problems with humidification systems? 1)Dealing with condensation 2)Avoiding cross contamination 3)Ensuring proper conditioning of the inspired gas (egan pg 787)
Name some factors that would influence the amount of condensation in a humidified system? 1)Temperature difference across system (humid. to airway) 2)Ambient temperature 3)Gas flow 4)Set airway temperature 5)Length,diameter, and thermal mass of breathing circuit (egans pg 787)
What is the definition of a Nebulizer? Device that produces an aerosol suspension of liquid particles in a gaseous medium using baffling to control particle size. (egans pg 1324)
Name two devices that are used to deliver bland aerosols? 1)Large-Volume nebulizers 2)Ultrasonic nebulizers (egans pg 790)
Bland aerosols can cause bronchospasms in some patients. (True or false) True (egans pg 795)
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