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unit vocabulary

management the process of coordinating resources in order to accomplish an organizations goals
efficiency doing the task right
effectiveness doing the right task
micromanagement occurs when a manager closely controls the work of employees
planning defining an organization's goal, objective, strategies, and chain of command
organization involves dividing work into manageable segments in order to achieve goals
directing involves employee involve and directing activities
controlling is the process comparing expected results with actual performance
preventative control anticipates and prevents undesirable outcomes
concurrent control takes place while an activity is in progress so problems can be corrected before they get out of hand
corrective control happens after the outcome
standards based on the ultimate goals of a business
quality control program a set of measures built into the production process to make sure the products or services meet certain standards and performance requirements
vision a statement of what or how you would like things to be
mission broad statement of personal or business scope identifying the purpose and operation that distinguishes you from other
leadership the ability to motivate individuals and groups to accomplish important goals
human relations the way people get along with each other
influence enables a person to affect the actions of other
informal influence when one or two people emerge as leaders to help get the group focused and organized
formal influence election of officers
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