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Football Test

What are the game rules? 1 4 Down after each possession
What are the game rules? 2 Defense must count to 5 Mississippi before rushing in on the Quarterback
What are the game rules? 3 No fumbles. Not allowed
What are the game rules? 4 Sidelines are out of bounds
What are the game rules? 5 Ball must be snapped to the quarterback
What is a kickoff A kickoff is used to start the game and also used to start play after a touchdown is scored.
What is an Incomplete Pass? An incomplete Pass is when a pass is attempted but not caught
What is an Interception? An interception is when a pass is attempted and caught by the defense.
What is a Quarterback? The player that throws the ball at the start of the play
What is a receiver? A receiver is the player that catches the ball from the quarterback.
What is a center? The center snaps the ball to the quarterback.
What is a square in pass? The offense in which the downfield receiver runs straight for a short distance before turning straight toward the middle of the field and continuing the route.
What is a square out pass? The offensive player runs straight down the field for a short while before cutting directly towards the nearest sideline.
What is a Post pass? A pass route where the offensive player runs straight down the field for a certain distance before angling towards the center of the field.
What is a Flag pass? the corner route in football that requires the receiver to run up the field perpendicular to the line of scrimmage and turn roughly 45 degrees in the direction of the sidelines.
What is a Fly Pass? A route run by a receiver in football that requires the receiver to run straight up field toward the end zone.
What is a Hook Pass? A pass route in which an eligible receiver will run downfield for a brief time before stopping quickly and heading back towards the quarterback for a short distance.
What does Aerobic mean? "With oxygen" Aerobic activities are performed at low to moderate intensity levels and can be sustained for a long period of time. Examples: Mile run, bike ride, hiking, cross country skiing, canoeing, skating./
What does stretching mean? It decreases the risk of injury, increases range of motion, improves flexibility.
What are agility exercises? They increase speed and quickness. Improves ability to move with ease.
What do push ups do? They increase upper body strength.
What do sit ups do? They increase abdominal(stomach) strength
What does the Mile Run? It increases aerobic endurance. 4 laps around the track equals 1 mile.
How is football scored? Touchdown 6 pts
How is a field goal scored? 1 pt
How is a safety scroed? 2 pts
Created by: WTR11754