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Cardiovascular A&P

What vessels carries oxygtenated blood from heart to body tissues? IVC, SVC, AORTA
What veins and arteries carries deoxygenated blood from body tissues to the heart? pulmonary arteries (2)pulmonary veins (4)
What is the pump of the systemic system? heart
Heart rate is also knnown as the _______. pulse
What is blood pressusre? it is the contraction and relation of the heart as blood is pumped through
Systolic is the ___________ of the heart while diasstolic is the __________ of the heart. contraction; resting
What two pieces of equipment are used to determione what a patients blood pressure is? stethescope; sphygmomometer
Pericardium lining membrane that covers heart
Visceral lining membrane that covers the heart; also known as the epicardium
Parietal lining membrane that covers outer part of pericardium
What are the three linings of the heart? (begining from outside to inside)epicardium , myocardium, endocardium
Which side of the heart carries deoxygenated blood? right side
Which side of the heart carries oxygenated blood? left side
What are the four chambers of the heart? right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, left ventricle
The atrium receives blood from the ______ while the ventricles send blood to the _______. veins, arteries
What is the purpose of the valves found in the heart? To prevent backflow of blood in the heart
Backflow of blood into heart regurgitation
What valve is found between the right atrium and right ventricle? tricuspid valve
The ______ valve is found between the left atrium and the left ventricle. bicuspid or mitral valve
The aortic valve is found between the _______ and _______. Left ventricle and aorta
The semi lunar valve is found between the ______ and the ____? right venetricle and pulmonary arterial trunk
What bifurcates off if the ascending aorta and into the LAD and circumflex? Right and left coronary arteries
What is the flow of blood throught the heart? IVC & SVC - RA - tricuspid valve - RV - pulmonary valve - pulmonary arteries (2) - alveoli of lungs - pulmonary veins (4) - LA - mitral valve - LV - aortic valve - aorta
What is the main purpose of the cardiovascular system? maintain homeostasis, transport oxygen from lungs to body tissues and carbon dioxide from body tissues to lungs
55% of blood is _____. plasma
What is the function of blood? Deliver oxygen and remove waste, transports food molecules (glucose, lipids, amino acids), transports ions (sodium, calcium), transports hormones, heat, wbc and lymphocytes
What is another name for a red blood cell? erythrocyte
What gives blood its red color? hemoglobin
Which is most radiosensitive, erythroblasts or erythrocytes? erythroblasts (stem or immature RBC)
What is a normal RBC count? 4-6 million/mm3
What is a deficiency in RBC known as? anemia
Where do erythroblasts mature? bone marrow
What organ reclaims the majority of the hemoglobin after the matured RBC are ingested? liver
These are germ fighting cells. Leukocytes (white blood cells)
What is the normal WBC count? 4-10 million/mm3
Do RBC's have a nucleus? no
What cell has a nucleus? leukocytes
What are the two types of leukocytes? agranulocytes and granulocytes
Name the two agranulocytes. lymphocytes and monocytes
Name the three granulocytes. neutrophils, eosinjophils, basophils
What is the most radiosensitive cell in humans? lymphocytes
What are the three layers of a blood vessel? tunica intima, tunica media (thickest layer), tunica adventitia
What are two things that distinguish viens from arteries? veins have valves, you can not get a pulse from a vein
arterioles smallest arteries
capillaries smallest blood vessels
venules smallest veins
State the branch or branches off of the left coronary artery. anterior- LADposterior - circumflex
The 3 branches off of the aortic arch are the... right brachiocephalic artery, left common carotid, left subclavian
Common hepatic artery, splenic artery, left gastric artery are branches of the ______. celiac trunk
What are the branches of the common carotid? right common carotid branches off to the right internal and right external carotidleft common carotid branches off to the left internal and left external carotid
The vertebral artery branches off of the _____. subclavian artery
What are the arteries that come off of the abdominal aorta? celiac trunk, superior mesenteric, middle suprarenal, renal, ovarian or testicular, common iliac, interior mesenteric, middle sacral, lumbar
What branches off of the internal carotid? anterior andmiddle cerebral arteries
The vertebral arteries join to form the ______ artery, which braqnche3s into the _______. basilar, right and left posterior cerebral arteries
What three arteries form the circle of willis? basilar artery, right and left internal carotid
What are the four parts of the aorta? ascending aorta, aortic arch, descending aorta, abdominal aorta
What are the five paired branches off of the descending aorta? pericardial, esophageal, intercostal, bronchial, superior phrenic artery
Polycythemia increase in the number of RBC's
Decrease in the number of white blood cells. leukopenia
Increased white blooc cell count leukocytosis
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