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Art Final StudyTerms

Art Education Class Terms

What are the content of most art activities; including color, line, value, texture, shape, form, and space? (raw materials of atrist) Elements of Art
What is a mark made by a pointed tool--brush, pencil, stick, pen, etc? (AKA moving dot) Line
What is an area that is contained within an implied, or is seen and identified because of color or value changes? (2 dimensions, length & width) Shape
What has the same qualities as shape, except its form is 3 dimensional? (it describes volume & mass) Form
What depends on light because it is made of light? Color
What refers to dark and light? Value
What refers to the surface quality, both simulated and actual, of artwork? Texture
What is a 3 dimensional volume that can be empty or filled with objects? (It has width, height, and depth.) Space
What is a style of art that shows objects, people, and/or places in simplified arrangements of shape, line, texture, or color, often geometrical? Abstract
What is a way of using color or value to show depth? Atmospheric Perspective
What is a technique used by modern artists to make designs by attaching 2 and 3 dimensional objects to a flat surface? Collage
What are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel? (red & green; red-violet & yellow-green) Complementary Colors
What are ordered arrangements of elements in a work of art, usually according to the principles of design? Composition
What are lines that show the edges of forms and shapes in the simplest way? Contour Lines
What are colors that are on the blue and green part of the color wheel? Cool Colors
What are shapes or forms that can be defined by mathematical formulas? Geometric Shapes
What is a scribbly type of line drawing that catches the movements and gestures of an active figure? Gesture Drawing
What are paintings made by mostly light and middle values with little value contrast? High Key
What refers to the brightness of color? Intensity
What are created by mixing primary colors with one of its neighboring secondary colors? (orange-red, yellow-green, etc) Intermediate Color
What is a system of drawing to give the illusion of depth on a flat surface? Linear Perspective
What are paintings with mostly dark and middle values, with very little value contrast? Low Key
What is the area around the objects in a work of art? (often called the background) Negative Space
What is an irregular and uneven shape or form? (outlines are curved, uneven, angular, or all 3) Organic
What are the objects in a work of art, as opposed to the area around the objects? Positive Space
What are the colors that aren't made by mixing called? (red, yellow, and blue) Primary Colors
What are colors made by mixing 2 primary colors called? (violet, orange, and green) Secondary Colors
What are colors that have been combined with black to make them darker? Shade
What is artwork which has height, width, and depth? (its not flat) Three-dimensional
What is a color that has been made lighter by the addition of white? Tint
What is artwork which has height and width? (it is flat) Two-dimensional
What are colors that are on the red and orange part of the color wheel? Warm Colors
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