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SCI lesions

c1, c2, c3 dependent adls, full time attendant required, independent w/ power wc, sip and puff controls
c4 dependent adls, limited self feeding, independent w/ power wc w/ head, mouth, chin, breadth, or sip and puff, tilt in space wc for pressure relief, dependent transfers
c5 some assistance for adls, adapted equipment for self care, independent w/ manual wc w/ plastic coated projections, transfers dependent need trapeze or sliding board, pressure relief independent w/ tilt in space
c6 min assist to ind for adls, adaptive equip for self care, ind w/ manual wc w/ projection or friction hand rims, ind transfers w/ sliding board on level surfaces, ind pressure relief, limited wc sports, independent w/ some light meals w/ adaptive equip
c7 ind adls, ind w/c w/ friction hand rims, ind transfers, light kichen activities, driving w/ and controls, able to get wc in and out of car
c8-t1 ind all adls and self care, ind w/ standard hand rim wc, ind in light housekeeping and meals, ind transfers, able to work in a building free of achitectual barriers
t4-t6 ind w/ manual wc, curbs w/ wheelie, full participation of wc sports, standing w/ frame and kafos w/ spinal attachment, ind w/ routine activities
t9-t12 bilateral kafos w/ crutches or walker (high energy consuption for ambulation)(household amb)
l2, l3, l4 bilateral kafos w/ crutches (functional amb)
l4, l5 bilateral kafos w/ cane (functional amb)
c1, c2, c3 mms face and neck mms
c4 mms diaphragm and traps
c5 mms biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis, deltoid, infraspinatus, rhomboid, supinator
c6 mms extensor carpi radialis, infraspinatus, latissimus dorsi, pec major, pronator teres, serratus ant, teres minor
c7 mms extensor pollicus longus and brevis, extrinsic finger extensors, flexor carpi radialis, triceps
c8-t1 mms extrinsic finger flexors, flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor pollicis longus and brivis, intrinsic finger flexors
t4-t6 mms top intercostals, sacrospinalis and semispinalis
t9-t12 mms lower abdominals and all intercostals
l2, l3, l4 mms gracilis, iliopsoas, quadratus lumborum, rectus femoris, sartorius
l4, l5 extensor digitorum, low back mms, medial hs, post tibialis, quads, tibialis ant
wc considerations depth=1-2 in from popliteal space, floor to seat ht=allow 2" from b/n pedals and floor and 90 degree @ hips, if using wheels below inferior angle
Created by: mchlldrum
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