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Fundamentals Unit 7

SPC Fundamentals Unit 7 Exam 3

Atomic Weight of Helium 4.003
Density of He 0.1785 g/L
Airway Resistance (Raw) Driving Press/Flow=resistance of the airways to the flow of gas
Gas factors that effect (Raw) 1. Density-Turbulent flow-in the large upper airways 2. Viscosity-Laminar flow-in the small peripheral airways
Reynolds Number(#) 2rvd/n
Reynolds (#) r is? Airway Radius
Reynolds (#) v is? Velocity
Reynolds (#) d is? Density
Reynolds (#) n is? Viscosity
Therapeutic Application of Reynolds (#) Low density gas will decrease turbulence and WOB Indications: Stridor/Croup/Foreign Body Aspiration/Upper Airway Masses
Density of Air 1.29 g/L
Density of O2 1.43 g/L
80/20 He/Ox 0.43 g/L
70/30 He/Ox 0.55 g/L
Diffusion of He/O2 (Heliox) Heliox mixtures diffuses faster than oxygen or air
Which law has to do with diffusion? Graham's Law- diffusion is inversely proportional to sq. root of GMW
Considerations of using Heliox? 1. Cough less effective 2. O2 flowmeters read low 3. Voice change 4. Deliver vis closed system 5. Aerosols better drug deposition
Heliox Flowmeter Factor 80/20 Flow x 1.8
Heliox Flowmeter Factor 70/30 Flow x 1.6
HbO2 Hemoglobin of O2
Pulse Oximetry Spectrophotometry Photoplethysmography
Spectrophotography Incorporates light absorption to quantify HbO2
Photoplethysmography Incorporates light transmission to differentiate av flow to determine pulse
Pulse Oximetry sends two wave lengths of light? Red & Infrared Red absorbed by deoxyHb Infrared absorbed by oxyHb
Technical Limitation of Pulse Ox All reads high: HbCO/ Black or Blue Nail Polish/ Fluorescent Light/ Dark Skin/
Created by: Langhout1418