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Canada Cold War

Life in Canada during cold war

Marshall Plan George Marshall, US S. of State, proposes aid to rebuild Europe after WWII. Sixteen Countries applied for aid, including neutral countries not in WWII. To show Europe that democracy is better than communismCzechoslovakia turned communist after no aid
Baby Boomers Soldiers from WWII began to start families after the war. Economic prosperity made it possible to have many children. 40 million births between 1950 & 1960. There were now large number of children compared to other age groups
Social Welfare & International Aid Unemployment Insurance Act was passed in 1940. Baby Bonuses & Family allowance was introduced in 1945. Colombo Plan was introduced to build up South Asia. La Francophonie was aid given to former French colonies. ACCT formed as part of La Francophonie
The CBC, CRTC and Rise of Television 1950s brought rise of Television. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation became national station. Massey Commission wanted mostly Canadian shows. CRTC formed in 1968 to regulate the amount of foreign material
The Age of the Automobile Cars common in the 1950s. Almost every family had one. People needed to commute between the suburbs and the city. Shopping Malls sprang up after the rise of cars. Cars used polluting V8 engines and were long, low and wide. Driving rules not enforced
Era of Protest Baby boomers became teens creating teen culture. Human rights, anti-war, womens rights and anti-establishment protests were common.
Womens Liberation Movement Womens Liberation Movement wanted change in life choices, employment practices. Mainstream feminists wanted change through the media, Radical feminists used aggresive protests. Birth Control Pill introduced. Abortion, homosexuality & divorce laws passed.
Expo 67 World Expo 1967 held in Montreal. Marked the 100th birthday of Canada. Showed Canada and Montreal to the world. French President Charles de Gaulle made controversial speech. Announced "Vive le Quebec! Vive le Quebec libre!"
Trudeaumania Liberal Pierre Trudeau won 1968 Federal election. Trudeau was charismatic, young and drove nice cars. He always wore a rose on his lapel. β€œIn Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada has at last produced a political leader worthy of assassination.” – Irving Layton
Prime Ministers of the Cold War Louis St Laurent-St Lawrence Seaway, Trans Canada Highway, Newfoundland John Diefenbaker-Canadian Bill of Rights Lester Pearson-Suez Crisis, Pensions, Medicare, Canadian Flag, Bilingualism Pierre Trudeau-Languages Act, Income tax cuts, Legalized Gays
Avro Arrow Countries needed aircraft protection. Began design in 1953, took 2 years and $2m. Fastest and best jet in the world. Diefenbaker destroyed blueprints in 1959 and ended project. US thought to have pressured Canada.
St Lawrence Seaway Series of bridges, locks, waterways on St Lawrence River. Linked Thunder Bay with Atlantic Ocean & US. Improved Canadian trade & economy.
NORAD North American Defence System created in 1957. Defence against communist Soviets. Three lines of radar defence against ICBMs. Avro Arrow for extra protection.
Inflation & OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Controlled oil prices. Shortage caused higher prices resulting in a recession. Retirees on fixed income suffer the most.
National Energy Program Canadians needed help. Under Trudeau, Government stopped Alberta oil from raising its price. It was in response to OPEC. Caused western alienation
The 1972 Summit series New way to compete against Soviet Union. Hockey, Canada vs. Russia- Canada won! Paul Henderson scored winning goal. After Russia invaded Afghanistan, Canada boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Soviet Union boycotted the 1984 LA Olympics.
Citizenship Act of 1976 and Immigration Act of 1978 Citizenship Act 1976- stopped gender discrimination, gave kids of oversea marriages citizenship, enforced knowing French/English. Immigration Act 1978- provinces help in immigration policies. Immigrants in 3 classes: family class, refugees, independents.
Created by: tlyon
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