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Religion 10. Quiz #4

Study guide. you can call this one, the hot one! LG © 09/19/05

Say what?my final answer.
Incarnation the second Person of the Holy Trinity, who, while remaining God, assumed a human nature and became man. (aka: The son) (definition from the idiot's guide to religion: the process from which Jesus became man, but stayed divine
Nature/Person of Jesus Christ God and Man
Trinity The father, the son, and the holy spirit combined.
Baptism of Jesus performed by St. John the Baptist, afterwards God said to Jesus, "This is my son in whom I am well pleased" yadda, yadda, yadda.
St. John The Baptist son of Elizabeth (Mary's cousin), therefore he's Jesus' cousin. He baptized Jesus, even though he felt like Jesus should baptize him. :)
the Devil's Temptations in the Desert towards Jesus broken down into material power, miraculous power, and to political power
You should know this about St. John the Baptist prophet, preacher, precurser (forerunner)
What is the location of St. John's Essene community? Qumran
Where was the baptism of Jesus? Jordan River
Where is the center of Jesus' teachings? (hint: it starts with a C and it's in Israel) Capernaum
Three reasons Jesus became human. to teach us what to believe, to show us the right way to live, and to die and rise for our salvation (by becoming human, it became possible for us to be redeemed through his suffering, death, and Resurrection)
Three reasons Jesus accepted the baptism of St. John showed his approval of John's ministry, set a good example for us to receive baptism, and provides an oppurtunity for the Father and the Spirit to show their union with Jesus
Three roles of St. John the Baptist preacher, precursor, and prophet
Three types of knowledge of Jesus Christ immediate, (beatific) supernatural, & acquired
How did St. John the Baptist die? selesmom (spelling according to Garrett Erritt) beheaded St. John, because she wished his head would be chopped off.
The forms of power that each temptation represents material power, miraculous power, and political power
Central theme of Jesus' ministry Kingdom of God
The difference between St. John's baptism and Christian baptism the recipients of St. John's did not receive forgiveness of sin or the gift of the Holy Spirit; they did not come to share the life of the Trinity
I suggest that you flippin' study the guide on Incarnation, according to B. Gris
When did Jesus first know he was divine? Trick question! Ha! I so got you on that one, right Kelsey? He always knew.
Is this study stack sexual enough for you? It better be.
Created by: villanova