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Ch. 10 control scatt

Which would produce the most scattered radiation A patient with a large abdomen
What part of the collimator absorbs the edges of the x-ray beam The lead shutter
Which one of these types of filters is some ties shaped like a wedge Compensatory filtration
A decrease in the collimation field size as what effect on contrast increase it
An increase in filtration has what effect on density Decrease it
Which one of these can be used during radiography of a body part where there will be a lot of unabsorbed primary radiation on the film Lead blocker
Which would produce the most scattered radiation A large area of radiation
The main purpose of filtration is to Decrease the patient's radiation dose
Adding more filtration would have what effect on the average energy of the photons in the x-ray beam Would increase the average energy
Compression to reduce the production of scattered radiation can be used best on which one of these exams Abdomen
Which one of these would be best method for the radiographer to use to control scattered radiation Reduce the area of radiation
Which one of these act like a filter The back of the cassette
The purpose of compensatory filter is to Make the density
Decrease in the area of radiation at the patient's body has body has what effect on density Decrease it
The trough compensatory filter is used most often on Chests
Which one of these types of filtration is removable Compensatory filtration
If an AP thoracic spine is performed with a wedge compensatory filter, the thick end of the filter should be placed over the Superior end of the spine
The glass envelopes of the X-ray tube provides which type of filtration Inherent
The air-gap technique uses A large SID and large OID
Which one of these types of filtration is a result of the design of the x-ray tube Inherent filtration
An increase in filtration has what effect on contrast Decrease it
Which would best protect the patient's body from excess radiation A small area of radiation
Filtration absorbs more Low energy photons
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