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Spine Anatomy

Spinal nerve inervations

C1 RCP major, RCP minor, Obliques capitus Superior, Obliques Capitus Inf
C3 Diaphragm, SCM, Upper\Mid\Lower Trap
C4 Diaphragm, Upper\Mid\Lower Trap
C5 Diaphragm, Levator Scap, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Ant\mid\post delts, Teres Minor, rhomboid maj\minor, biceps brachii
C6 Subscapularis, teres major, serratus anterior, lat, biceps brachii, ECRL, Pect major
C7 Lat, ECRL, ECRB, FCR, Triceps, Pec major, serratus anerior
C8 Pec major, pec minor, Abductor Pollicus Brevis,
T1 Pec minor, Dorsal Interosii
L1 Psoas, QL
L2 Psoas, Illiacus, OL
L3 Vastus Med\Lat\Inter, Rectus femoris, QL
L4 Vastus Med\Lat\Inter, Rectus femoris, QL, Anterior Tib
L5 Extensor Hallicus Longus, Anterior Tib, Glut Med, Glut Min, TFL
S1 Peroneus Longus, Peroneus Brevis, Gastroc, Soleus, Glut Max, Piriformis
S2 Gastroc, Glut Max, Soleus
CN V Massetter, temporalis, medial/lateral paterygoid
CN XI Upper\mid\lower traps, SCM
The internal carotid system is made up of what major arteries? Anterior comm, ACA, MCA, ICA, Posterior comm
The vertebral basilar system is made up of what arteries? Vertebral, basilar, PCA, superior cerebellar
The circle of willis is made up of what arteries? Anterior comm, ACA, ICA, posterior comm, PCA
What structures does the MCA supply? later frontal and parietal lobe, lateral temporal lobe
What structures does the ACA supply? medial frontal and parietal, basal ganglia
What structures does the PCA supply? occipital lobe, cerebellum, thalamus
Created by: txst spr 2009